Microcredit of 500 euros for your car with loan


The Title Loan alternatives continue to delight with useful tips on obtaining urgent money. This time we will focus on those who have their own means of transport, be it a car or a motorcycle.

So, if he has a car, he knows that he is also a member of the family. Yes, indeed, you need to always be well taken care of, as well as any living organism. No matter which brands your car belongs to, you always need proper attention and on time. Even if your car is in perfect technical condition, it is not immune to mechanical damage from accidents, such as a puncture or sudden engine failure. In some cases, when you buy a car, the owner does not even have the money for insurance or necessary details. In general, you probably agree that sometimes the situation is so urgent that waiting is impossible, and you have to act quickly.

What to do if you need to repair your vehicle right now? You can go to the bank, but this will take a long time, because you have to stand in line, then wait, talk to a loan manager and bring a stack of documents. In addition, the probability of rejection of the bank loan is very high, as well as their interest. You can also borrow money from a friend until the day you receive your payroll. But such requests are not liked by everyone, and sometimes, you can even destroy a relationship.

There is nothing surprising that quick loans still remain the leader in solving problems with quick money. If you still have doubts about whether it is worth taking online microcredit to repair the car, we can assure you that you have nothing to fear. Modern microfinance organizations strive to satisfy the customer and offer the most flexible conditions. Many lenders continue to provide promotions of the type “the first fast loan of 300 euros free .” That is if you are applying for this company for the first time, and you meet the necessary requirements, you can use the microloans without paying a single euro. of commissions.

Therefore, some companies want to attract new customers and thus offer to familiarize themselves with their services. Normally, if the client does not have problems paying the first loan on time, in the case of making subsequent requests the process of processing the approval and issuing the quick money will be much more agile. But in this case, the client already has to pay interest according to the lender’s contract.

The first online loan of 300 euros for car repair is an excellent suggestion, and many use it. But the portal enprestamo.es, as always, has an exclusive offer for you, dear motorists. “What do you think of the first micro-credit of up to 500 euros for the repair of the car? Sounds pretty good, does not it? This wonderful service is offered by the Spanish company Current.

Current has hundreds of excellent opinions and a solid reputation for its short period of existence. You can also join the ranks of satisfied customers of this company. 500 euros is a sufficient amount of credit to solve problems with your car, and not all companies offer such good promotion. This amount can be sufficient not only for repairs of urgent vehicles but also in the supply of gasoline, as well as the purchase of spare parts.

Each one of us has probably faced a situation like this when the beloved car or motorcycle needs to be repaired instantly. For example, when we urgently need to go find an important guest at the airport, to move to another floor or withdraw the children from the camp. What are the first steps to get fast credit of 500 euros from Current? First, connect to the Internet.

On the website of the company (Current.es) is an online loan simulator. Select any amount that is necessary for you to repair your car. Remember that the first time you can ask for an amount that does not exceed 500 euros. The return period will be up to 90 days, and this is the other main advantage of the company. Throughout 3 months it will not be difficult to find the necessary amount and pay your instant loan on time. By the way, if in the subsequent requests to Current you did not have problems with the payment of the loan, it will be very useful for you.

Therefore, once you have decided with the amount and the deadline, you have to click on the “Request Now” button. In the standard form, you will have to enter your personal data. Enter your full name, place of work, ID number or NIE, etc. After this, you will have to wait only a few minutes for the company’s response. You will receive an SMS or an email with acknowledgment of the positive or negative decision.

If approved, the money will be transferred to the specified account in a matter of hours.

Loan work without pay slip or tax notice

Getting a personal loan to, for example, renovate your home, payroll or tax notice is rarely possible. However, there are solutions to get a loan work without justification.

Definition of credit without proof

The loan without justification, unlike the loan assigned, does not require the justification of the purpose of the loan. The advantage of this type of loan https://www.purplepayday.loan/ is not to impose any obligation of use or purchase, or even to justify a need for cash.

Thus, the beneficiary of the loan is free to do what it sees fit funds: to carry out development work, equip his house, go on vacation, practice his leisure or face an unforeseen. This type of loan is usually capable of covering 100% of the targeted investment on its own.

However, to qualify for a loan without justifying its expenses, the applicant must have the appropriate profile highlighting his ability to repay. For this purpose, different criteria are taken into consideration by the lending institutions: stable employment, regular income, good financial behavior and not to be listed Bank of France (banking prohibition).

Adjustable parameters

To choose the best credit among the multitude of offers available on the Web or directly with the credit agencies, you will have to find the best conditions and compare the proposed interest rates. These can also vary considerably from one organism to another.

In addition, before you commit you will need to estimate your ability to repay. After having chosen the most interesting loan offer, you can decide the date of the withdrawals, the management of the monthly payments as well as the method of repayment (total or partial) of your credit.

Can we really borrow without a pay slip or tax notice?

Unemployed people on benefits, acting or even homemakers without regular cash flow can now benefit from personal credits. Indeed, there are today on the market, loans without payroll issued by some organizations specializing in this type of financing.

These lending institutions do not necessarily solicit the pay stubs of loan applicants. On the other hand, their loans, often based on revolving credits, have fairly high interest rates of up to 20%. These high rates allow financial institutions to protect themselves against possible lack of payment.

Duration of a revolving credit

From one organization to another, the ceiling of a personal credit and its duration are variable, whereas, for revolving credit, the repayment period is fixed at one year with a contract renewable tacitly.

If you do not have a pay slip or a stable income, avoid especially multiplying the credits to not fall into the over-indebtedness or worse, the banking prohibition.

Disadvantages of credits without justification

Disadvantages of credits without justification

Specialized financial institutions offer loans to individuals without a pay slip or proof and do not systematically require debtors to indicate the purpose of the credit. The advantage of this type of service is that the borrower is free to use the loaned money without having to justify it.

On the other hand, the first disadvantage is that, in the event that the investment concerned proves to be uncertain, the borrower will still have to pay the monthly payments. In addition, the main disadvantage of the loan without justification is in its interest rate, which is much higher than most conventional loans.

At a traditional banking institution, receipts are the golden rule. The applicant can thus demonstrate his ability to repay. In the case of unsupported loans, also called “unallocated”, their high cost guarantees the lending organization to be profitable over time and on quantity.

Outlet Louboutin, Zanotti, Casadei: How To Avoid Scams!

Outlet Louboutin, Zanotti, Casadei: How To Avoid Scams!

Are there any Louboutin , Casadei and Zanotti outlets or are they all scams ?! This is one of the most requested post of all time, I hope to be able to write all the useful information to avoid fueling the market of fake shoes.

louboutin outlet
Over the years I have dispensed advice to avoid buying non-original shoes on sites such as Ebay and Subito.it, I have often focused on Louboutin but this plague afflicts many brands; the most terrible thing for me was to find out that these fake shoes companies have started to send discounts and free products to bloggers and youtubers to advertise themselves using the most popular channels. I care about who reads me and I do not want you arrested, so I will play the part of the luxury brand’s champion, and I will do it because I know how terrible it is to be copied by those who can not invent something interesting.

Today my fight against counterfeiting will focus on those sites that sell themselves as Louboutin outlets authorized to sell designer shoes; the same speech also applies to   Giuseppe Zanotti, Casadei, and all the luxury brands etc etc; in 99% of cases they are dealers located in China that have no connection with the companies just mentioned and that almost certainly will not send you anything. Or you will get home a horrible shoe that recalls what you thought you had bought, in a new version crushed by a tir and chewed by a Tyrannosaurus.

The brands mentioned above do not have, to date, official online outlets, but there are many sites that sell models of collections passed at discounted prices. I’m preparing a guide that includes them all, for the moment I want to limit myself to list some useful points to understand if the site you found is reliable or not. I also refer you to this video , which complements the post.

How to avoid unauthorized Louboutin outlets:

1) The name . Often these sites have a name that recalls that of the official page, as nomebrand-it.com, and already this is an alarm bell to keep in mind. Usually the European version of an American e-shop (like Louboutin’s, for example) reports the eu writing at the beginning or end of the url, not in the middle separated by a hyphen. Even more often, the official website is unique for the whole world, but inside it is possible to select the language and therefore the country of origin; so be wary of overly complicated url, especially if they lead to sites that claim to be official outlets related to the company. If so, the link would be present on the official website of the single brand, in the list of authorized outlets.

2) The photos . In these fake websites, the photos are often the same as those found on the original sites; for the most inexperienced it might seem reassuring, but I assure you that official retailers rarely do it. It happens that they use the photos of the lookbook to present the collection, but the photos of the shoes in “still life” are often taken specifically for the site / outlet. Other fake sites, the more daring ones, match the official photos with those of the shoes that will then reach you at home, of the informal monsters that have nothing to do with the originals. Pay attention to the details of the photos, and if you have doubts, ask the customer service of the site itself for additional images; if you are honest you will find it in record time!

3) The texts . This point is linked to the previous one, because under each photo there is a description of the product. Usually fake sites copy the caption of the original e-shop, so to understand if it is a reliable store, the best thing to do is to go around the site. Open all the available tendons, from those related to customer service to those on payment methods and FAQs, as I told you before often the websites that sell fake shoes are based in China and use bizarre systems to translate texts; chances are you’ll find phrases like this: “Your satisfaction is what we strive for. We offer a global return policy for you. Before you want to return the goods, please first contact us to discuss the problem you are having. If there are irreparable defects with the goods, it is possible to go back to us for repair or replacement “. Very clear, no? Close the site and spend your money elsewhere.

4) Registered office . The honest sites write, usually down, all the legal information related to the company, because they are regular companies. So if you do not find any reference to a physical location, a VAT number / registration to the register of companies and so on, start to ask you some questions.

5) Prices . If the site promises balances of 70% it sells Louboutin or Casadei false shoes. And this also applies to other designers, because authorized dealers can not devalue their shoes by making such high discounts, which does not even happen in boutiques. Louboutin makes sales of 40%, Casadei reaches 50% on some models, and so on; the only case in which I saw some models discounted by 70% was defective shoes, properly marked, but they are rare exceptions, so be careful.

6) Payment systems . The safest means of payment online is PayPal, so I strongly advise against buying anything from any person / store that does not accept this system, especially if it is based abroad. PayPal is always on the side of the buyer, as a seller is something that I hate, but when I had my problems I was happy to have from my system ready to solve issues due to incorrect transactions. If you pay with a credit card nobody will worry about the non-delivery / delivery of your shoes, or the fact that they are awful plasticoni that have nothing to do with the originals. Then check the accepted payment methods in case of suspicious website, if PayPal is not present change to another.

7) Returns . In principle, an authorized outlet has no problem accepting a return; some do it for free, for others the shipment is at the expense of the buyer, but it is difficult for the site of a store to refuse to change the purchased product a priori. Many fake shoe sites instead do not accept returns; they will “come to meet you” in case of wrong sizes, but if the problem is with the conformity of the product you will no longer receive any response from the efficient customer service. Then check this information before proceeding with the purchase.

These seven points should help you to keep away scams and illegal purchases (because that’s what we’re talking about), I can not guarantee that their absence will guarantee 100% secure purchases, but I can assure you that if only two of these points are present you are in front of a retailer of fake designer shoes. The choice is to risk big!



Shoe Decluttering: Useful Tips and The Video of My Decluttering

Shoe Decluttering: Useful Tips and The Video of My Decluttering

Finally a few days ago I found the time for the decluttering shoe rack : to be honest I also dedicated to that of the wardrobe, because from the move onwards I had limited myself to create ever taller stacks of clothes, in an unsurpassable chaos and also quite inconvenient to manage.

I took advantage of a Saturday of almost relaxation to completely empty the shoe rack and to decide which shoes to keep and which to remove; I have other spaces in the house where I organize shoes, and many are still in Rome, but later thanks to this morning of decluttering I created a new organization system suited to my needs.

Shoe Decluttering: how I organized the spaces

In the open shoe cabinet I decided to exhibit only high-heeled shoes because they need more space and are aesthetically more beautiful to look at. In the lower shelves I placed the closed decollete that I now use less, and then to climb open toe and sandals.

For sneakers, dancers and flat sandals I have selected different systems of organization: some boxes of Ikea blue Tiffany, and a product to put under the bed of Dmail really practical to take advantage of an otherwise forgotten area.

Optimizing spaces is always the best way to take advantage of every corner of the house, and I must say that this system is also very easy to manage and keep in order.

I promised to fix every shoe that goes into the house without waiting, with the only exception given by the models that I have to photograph for the blog: those have their own space apart from my office (which I occasionally show on Instagram), but later having taken immediately I put back the shoes that remain with me and send back / return the ones that have been lent to me.

Shoe Decluttering: part of my shoe collection

But now let’s go to the point: shoes.

Here they are in order, starting from the left. I have linked the presentation articles of the models that have appeared in the blog, so if you want to know more about where to go.

shoe decluttering

René Caovilla; Le Walterine ; Cinti ; Jimmy Choo x H & M.

Le Walterine ; Flavio Castellani ; Mario Bologna ; Sophia Webster ; Dolce & Gabbana.

The Stars ; Alessandro Oteri ; N21; It’s Pommy ; René Caovilla.

Christian Louboutin ; Christian Louboutin ;   Christian Louboutin ; Christian Louboutin; Aurora .

Jimmy Choo; Dolce & Gabbana; Cesare Paciotti ; Casadei; Casadei.

Asos ; The Stars ; Stuart Weitzman; Fera Libens ; Casadei.

shoes collection

Zara; Gianluca Peverada ; Francesco Sacco; Aldo .

Casadei; Cinti; Le Walterine ; Vince Camuto , Manolo Blahnik.

Miu Miu; Casadei; Amato Daniele ; ; Sergio Rossi; Sergio Rossi.

Shoe decluttering: useful tips

Being able to survive this experience taught me a lot of things. Maybe you know how to make the job lighter!

  • Completely empty any shoe, box or trunk in which you keep your shoes; clean the shelves well with a suitable product, from top to bottom.
  • Select with clear thinking what you want to keep and what can be deleted. In the video I show you how I chose, and what I decided to take out.
  • You may have noticed two oddities: the Manolo Blahnik sandals are hidden in the dustbag behind those of Vince Camuto, and the Louboutin decollete have both the point facing the bottom of the shoe rack: not a coincidence, but a deliberate choice, useful to protect the white paint, which turns yellow with the sun. And there is no remedy, so be careful!
  • Create your own organization system, which is beautiful to look at but also practical for your needs.
  • Get ready to change your mind a thousand times on the arrangement of shoes, it’s part of the game.
  • Take 3 ice cubes out of the freezer, use them to cool a glass for a few minutes, then throw them away and replace them with a nice glass of fresh prosecco, you deserve it!

Red Carpet Oscar Look and Shoes 2016

Oscar 2016: The Most Beautiful Looks and Shoes Worn by the Stars on the Red Carpet

I did it, I’m doing it! A year ago I wrote that I would like to follow the direct Oscar and now I’m here, in the middle of the night, to write the post while on the red capet parade the stars: if I had to watch this show live I would probably die of a heart attack because I’m also thrilling while staying in your pajamas on the sofa, with a face mask to be smeared on the face and fresh nail polish on the nails!

But it’s time to talk about them, the stars and their looks on the red carpet of the 2016 Oscars ! This time I also gave the votes, I’m more productive at night.

Alicia Vikander has just arrived on the red carpet, wrapped in a delightful light yellow strapless dress by Louis Vuitton, with jeweled appliqués and a wide skirt that seems to be a tribute to her past as a dancer. At the feet, a pair of metallic leather sandals with wide band, chunky Plexiglas heel and ankle strap, signed Louis Vuitton: promoted despite not being a fan of the half-bun , the most fashionable hairstyle at the moment, which is more or less what I do when I have to wash my face! A further point in his favor is the choice not to parade with his fiance, Michael Fassbender. 8/10

Oscar 2016

From a romantic look to the sensuality of Latina Vergara, wrapped in a marvelous blue night dress by Marchesa that seems to have been sewn on her body: it will not be the height of elegance, but it is so beautiful that I can not fail it! 7/10

red-carpet-sofia-vergara oscar 2016

Even Brie Larson chose blue, but in his case the tone is bright and vibrant, as well as one of my favorites: his electric blue Gucci look in the picture looks boring and obvious but I assure you that seeing it on the red carpet was exciting ! I liked it a lot, for me it is absolutely promoted. 8/10

Brie-Larson-oscar 2016

I’m very disappointed by the look raised by Daisy Ridley: the jewel dress on the red carpet of the Oscars is almost a must have, but this model of Chanel with ruche at the waist does not give it at all, and diminish that beauty is not easy! Graceful Christian Louboutin’s Gardnera jewel sandals, but the ankle strap with a dress of that length should be illegal. I’m sure that will change different looks during this long night, I hope to change my mind later. 5/10

red-carpet-daisy-ridley oscar 2016

Shiny dress also for Saoirse Ronan, a modern siren: her green sequin dress is signed Calvin Klein, the simple shape and the wraparound line is perfect for her long-limbed body. It ‘s certainly promoted even if I do not share the enthusiasm of my American colleagues who are going crazy for this look: the color is fantastic but for the Oscars I expect more! 7/10


Rhinestones and sequins have also illuminated the mermaid dress chosen by Naomi Watts and signed Armani Privé: the make-up is impeccable, she is impeccable. Perfect with this “old Hollywood” look, for me it deserves a 9/10.

Naomi-Watts-oscar 2016

And then comes Olivia Wilde and the world stops: to say that it is beautiful to say little, has a beautiful face framed by a hairstyle composed of a game of braids really refined and a precious brilliant necklace. The pleated ivory dress with a plunging neckline that also uncovers the back by Valentino does nothing but emphasize its beauty, I would have worn more but it is undeniable that it is perfect for her, sensual and elegant at the right point! 8/10

Oscar 2016 red-carpet-Olivia-Wilde-jason-sudeikis

How to comment Heidi Klum dressed as the queen of unicorns? The German model is always very flashy but this time I found it really excessive, the maxi flowers pinned on the dress in the shade of lilac weigh too much, as well as the transparent sleeve: personally I would have eliminated these details by focusing on a more classic one-shoulder dress in style Jennifer Lopez. Bocciata and in contention for the Oscar of the worst dressed! 2/10


I did not even like Rooney Mara: the make-up is special and emphasizes her candid complexion, but I can not say the same of Givenchy’s dress, really too light. I always like lace on these occasions, but for once I wanted to see Rooney with something colorful and young, in these garments I did not seem at ease. The minimal sandals are the Nudist by Stuart Weitzman, in the version with plateau. 6/10


Jennifer Jason Leigh instead wore the rose quartz , her strapless dress with floral applications is undoubtedly elegant but I thought it was a foregone choice, I understand the not wanting to risk but the Oscars! The actress in the red carpet interviews has appeared a bit ‘on revs, of course, the first rumors have already started on the present abuse of substances and alcohol, but here we talk about clothes that is better! 6/10


Rose quartz also for Emily Blunt, another that I like a lot but that tonight just did not convince me. Promoted, but the merit goes to the tummy. The dress is from Prada. 6/10

emily-blunt-oscar 2016

This year, Julianne Moore chose the sobriety of Chanel’s black; the dress is very elegant, she is always beautiful, nothing to say. 8/10


And then a few minutes from 2 am she appears, the divine Cate Blanchett, with a #petalous dress by Armani Privé that seems stolen from the wardrobe of a fairytale princess: amazing! Here’s what I mean when I say to dare, the Oscar red carpet is also this, the realization of a dream so why not play? 9/10.

Cate-Blanchett-oscar 2016

Instead, it focuses on absolute simplicity combined with a classic Angelina style slit the beautiful Rachel McAdams: I love it, but we’re not really there! The color of August Getty Atelier’s dress is unusual, even the golden sandals are beautiful, but for me this look does not deserve more than 5/10.

Rachel McAdams--730

It is always said that wearing red on the red carpet is a risk, but let’s say if your name is Charlize Theron you can afford to dare as much as you want. This woman is not human, there is little to do. The dress is by Valentino, but without her it would be nothing. The Divine for me is from 10/10.

Charlize-Theron Oscar 2016

The disappointment that I do not think I can overcome is Kate Winslet: I hoped to have seen badly, really. After years of perfect clothes I fell right on the Oscar night, with this shiny and boring dress made by Ralph Lauren. For me it is NC / 10. I’m bad but I waited for hours, now I trust Jennifer Lawrence!


Lady Gaga is sober and refined, who would have thought it? Brandon Maxwell’s bright dress is signed, undoubtedly good as well as the make-up and the vintage hairstyle. 7/10

lady gaga oscar 2016

Miss Jennifer Lawrence waited, but I would say it was worth it! After the romantic dress worn last year for the Oscars in 2016 he opted for sensuality. I found it beautiful in this dress by Christian Dior with lace corset effect I see and I do not see and flounced skirt: she too as Cate Blanchett has been able to dare, adorable. 9/10

jennifer lawrence oscar 2016

And that’s all for now! It’s three in the morning and I’m ready to enjoy the awards with the universal flood in the background. To conclude I only say #TeamMorricone !


Birkenstock: How Do They Fit? Wide or Narrow Plant? All About Birkenstock

Birkenstock: How Do They Fit? Wide or Narrow Plant? All About Birkenstock

But are Birkenstock good or bad?

Can they be freed or should we wear them only when nobody sees us and there is no risk of being noticed by some acquaintance who will point the finger at our orthopedic sandals of dubious elegance?

It will amaze you to know that I am pro Birkenstock, and that I consider the German sandals shoes broccoli: they are part of our lives because they are good, and health is not discussed.
I am convinced that nobody really likes broccoli, and that no one considers the “beautiful” Birkenstock; but who has tried it knows its benefits, and they are so evident that doing without it becomes impossible. You can instead live without broccoli, on this I can personally guarantee!
Returning to Birkenstock, the answer is yes, I have a couple myself, that I inherited from my mother, guilty of having the wrong model: I consider a cure for the aching feet after hours on the heels, I bring them for an hour after be dropped from the stiletto and I’ll tell you, the benefits are immediate.
If you do not even have a pair I think after this post you will run to get them, because they are the cure for all the pains of the foot and back: no one has ever seen me in public with Birkenstock, and I do not wear them proudly even at home but together with the green clay mask they are one of my favorite beauty secrets.
They are ugly, ungraceful and some models make even the most perfect foot disproportionate, but do you know what? That this mania for perfection has bored me, and that I do not even like to pretend to be a full-heeled Barbie 12 and deflated feet.
That said, we begin to explore the comfortable Birkenstock world together.

Birkenstock: how do they fit? Wide foot or narrow foot?

Let’s start from the basics, because the fit of the Birkenstock often creates confusion.
It is well known to those who have already bought the sandals, that the Birkenstock models fit so much, and that it is therefore advisable to buy a size less than the usual one.
But the ideal would be to try the shoes on your foot, to choose the right plant: maybe you do not know, but there are two different shifts, narrow plant and wide plant, marked by a symbol present in the inner plantar and on the box.

birkenstock plant
The shape of the foot filled with black represents the normal plant, the one with the empty leg the widest plant: is there a big difference?

Yes and no, in the sense that I have a thin foot and I have those for a wider plant, which I dress perfectly; based on my personal experience, I recommend the narrow-plan models only to those who have a really thin foot, while for the normal ends the other option is fine.
When you try the shoes, undo all the straps, and make sure that the foot is comfortable and does not feel forced by the sole, that having raised edges must dress the foot in a perfect way: a small size means pain, and this nullifies all effects of orthopedic sandals.
It is advisable that both the front and the back should move about one millimeter, the necessary space for the foot to be contained but free to move to walk.

Are the new Birkenstock bad?

Even in this case the answer is yes, at first they may seem rather harassing.
The original plantar (copied from everyone, but you know, I do not have great esteem of who copies the ideas of others) has been studied on the shape of the footprints that the foot leaves on the sand, and is anatomical and perfect to support a correct walking: this means that those who for years have worn shoes that do not follow the natural shape of the foot could suffer a bit.
But the annoyance ends soon, and the relief is really incredible, even for the legs and back; the footbed is made of several layers of raw jute, cork and latex, fine jute and suede.
Comfort is exceptional, the foot unloads body weight in the right places and even the posture is more conscious.
The model Gizeh, with the flip-flops, can give problems between the fingers especially at the beginning, it is just what I have and the first days of use were complicated, but then the plastic insert has softened and I no longer had problems.
Among the most popular sandals also the Arizona slippers, with the two straps with buckles, Almere, with the crossing of thin straps on the fingers, and Madrid, the slipper with the unique adjustable band.
For some years the brand has also launched the same plastic models, suitable for the sea and the pool: they can also be an interesting choice for those who want to try the plantar by spending less.
Are there Birkenstock for vegans ? Also in this case the answer is yes, consult the official website for more information!

Offers Birkenstock: where to buy Birkenstock at a discount

If you want to give in to the trend by saving, keep an eye on Amazon, because that’s where you often find Birkenstock at discount prices; and return policies will meet you in case you need to change size / model.
In the offline world, on the other hand, you go for a ride in a pharmacy, even there often unsold sizes are discounted and prices become quite interesting.

How to clean the Birkentocks – The Birkenstock stink, how do I wash them ?!

The topic is not particularly chic, but it is known that the Birkenstock sandals after years of use tend to stain and take on an unpleasant smell: remember to never wash them with water, you would damage the cork and leather that make up the sole .

To revive the sole use a specific brush for the suede, you will remove dust and various residues; if instead the problem is that your Birkenstock stinks keep them away from the water, and use bicarbonate: put it on the entire surface of the soles, massage it with an old toothbrush and leave it in place for a couple of hours.

Remove it with a shoe brush and your Birkenstock shoes will come back fresher than ever!

How to combine Birkenstock

If you decide to wear them out of the house, just do it, without thinking too much.
Because beautiful or ugly, they are always open shoes, which lend themselves to all the most casual combinations; they are not shoes suitable for formal contexts, for the office and for ceremonies, but for everyday life you can show them off without problems with shorts, long dresses and little dresses.
They are strange, some will look at them with horror, but who cares? There are also those who do not like the Blade of Casadei and love broccoli!
Life is too short to worry about the opinions of others, buy the Birkenstock and pamper your feet between a heel 12 and a killer boot.


The shoes worn in Sanremo: all the models chosen by the stars

The shoes worn in Sanremo: all the models chosen by the stars

Sanremo shoes!

I was not going to write this post, but then I remembered how funny it is to chat with you about the looks of the stars and I changed my mind! The sixty sixth edition of the Sanremo Festival has just ended (with the triumph of the Stadio, I’m very happy!) And this year I have followed almost all the episodes, the music presented is not my favorite genre but I found several interesting moments in one kermesse which turned out to be refreshed and almost pleasant. Almost, because it is still the Festival, expect to have fun all the time, discovering fantastic artists who sing original songs not dedicated to love is a bit like entering from Deichman with the conviction of finding shoes Made in Italy: it will not happen, point.

I really appreciated Virginia Raffaele and her imitations, all of them, she’s really talented and rarely exaggerates, not a little detail; I got excited with Ezio Bosso and his words, even before losing myself in his music, and I discovered that Laura Pausini is not only good, because I already knew that, but also humble and very sweet: how many other artists at that level can say the same? For me, Sanremo 2016 has earned an 8/10, but now let’s go to the point, it’s time to evaluate together the shoes worn by the singers on the stage of the Ariston!

The shoes worn in Sanremo: the photos

Let’s start with Virginia Raffaele / Sabrina Ferilli: the much criticized flesh-colored dress with jewel applications is by the designer Uel Camilo, the jewel sandals are instead of Loriblu; impossible to reject the look because it is really well suited to the imitation of the actress but it is a combination very far from my style, strange to say but I do not even like shoes, I find them very modern.

For the imitation of Belen instead chose to wear a mini dress by Mario Dice, very similar to an outfit worn previously by Emma Marrone and created by the same designer: casualness or feminine astuteness, given the past of the Argentinian showgirl and the Apulian singer ? At the feet of Virginia, a pair of beautiful Cerasella Milano sandals: the girl will make her way, I warned you!

Even Noemi chose Cerasella Milano shoes, unfortunately they were always hidden by clothes or wide pants, but I have at least a couple of pictures to show you, taken before the performances and shared on her Instagram profile:

noemi sanremo shoes 2016

We continue to talk about jewel sandals also in reference to the outfits of Madalina Ghenea, a particular beauty that has worn evening dresses of different designers, always matched with the models of René Caovilla from the Spring / Summer 2016 collection: if it seemed to recognize something it is because we talked about it here recently .


ankle boots jewel



Shoes also for the super host Laura Pausini, who matched her black décolleté with plateau of Gedebé to a black and pink dress by Stefano De Lellis: the dress was criticized (as always), but I liked it, even more of the other red fire that the singer did not wear because of the spoiler of “Il Fatto Quotidiano”, which revealed the presumed choice ahead of time. Laura would then have changed outfits at the last moment, opting for this very long model with split and embroidery jewel: for me it is promoted, I told you that with this hosted I won!


Still glitter for another guest that I really enjoyed, Anna Foglietta, who lit up her black dress with a pair of popped décolleté from Le Silla’s Spring / Summer 2016 collection:


shoes anna leavesetta sanremo

Another that has been criticized for her outfits as an educanda is Francesca Michielin, I must say that I do not agree even this time: dressed as Au Jour Le Jour appeared fresh and bright, her looks reflect her style and her his young age and it does not matter if I would never put them, if I had to judge the outfits of others according to my personal taste I would not like practically anything of what you see on these occasions! At her feet Francesca wore minimal sandals by Vic Matié with a chrome stiletto, sometimes paired with short socks: I repeat, I would not even put them under torture, but they look good with her character, they represent her and this is more than enough for me.

Photo LaPresse / Matteo Rasero / Federico Guberti 10-02-2016 Sanremo, IM Entertainment 66th Italian Song Festival, Second evening in the photo: Francesca Michelin Photo LaPresse / Matteo Rasero / Federico Guberti 02-10-2016 Sanremo, IM Entertainment 66th Festival of italian song, Second Evening In the photo: Francesca Michelin


Even Dolcenera has focused on the metalized leather, combining a pair of golden Loriblu sandals with black elastic bands and a long white Genny dress: it has an exceptional charisma and a beautiful voice but this outfit does not convince me, I would have preferred a shoe that recalled in some the way the dress, the blacks instead are too intrusive for my taste.



Instead, I really liked Annalisa, wrapped in the clothes of Mario Dice: elegant, sensual, refined but above all natural. Even in this case someone has criticized his physical form, so much so that there was talk of a hidden pregnancy, then denied by the singer, which in my opinion is an unusual beauty and therefore even more fascinating. For all his outings during the Festival he wore Luciano Padovan’s shoes:


What about Patty Pravo? On the Piper girl I heard everything, so I would like to inform you that the shoes worn on the stage of the Ariston were created for her by Rizieri : it is ankle boots with medium heel and round toe, matched with Gianluca Saitto’s dresses.

the-look-of-patty-pravo sanremo 2016


The décolleté worn by Cristina D’Avena , guest of the Sanremo final, are also by Rizieri; for her Riccardo has designed two similar models, these are pumps with t bar and Swarovski crystals, one in gold and the other in black.

Italian singer Cristina D'Avena (C) performs on stage during the Sanremo Italian Song Festival at the Ariston theater in Sanremo, Italy, 13 February 2016. The 66th Italian Song Festival runs from 09 to 13 February. ANSA / CLAUDIO HONORED

For the record I inform you that the shoes of Carlo Conti were by Salvatore Ferragamo, those of Gabriel Garko di Moreschi.

This Festival saw the triumph of Made in Italy, but now I want to know your opinion on shoes and songs!

Before going to sleep, since it is two o’clock in the morning, I want to share with you the three questions that have tormented me for hours:

  1. How much do Noemi’s false eyelashes weigh? He could not keep his eyes open tonight!
  2. Why do singers persist in not combining the shades of red with enamel and lipstick ?!
  3. Who forced Madalina to wear those heavy necklaces, exaggerated given the decorations of Zuhair Murad’s clothes?



Vegan Shoes: What Are Vegan Shoes And Why They Are Important

Vegan Shoes: Just Fashion, Or A Commitment To The Future Of The Environment?

What are vegan shoes ?

Are vegan shoes plastic and cardboard shoes sold at crazy prices?

And yet, vegan shoes are of medium-low quality, regardless of the materials used?

These are some of the questions I received a few days ago, after sharing my post on the vegan decollete that you also see here; if you lost that article do not worry, you will find the link at the end of this so you can read it calmly without skipping back and forth.

I want to be completely honest, more than questions I received lapidary sentences that left me perplexed, but they also made me realize that there are many prejudices on the theme “vegan world”, and the lack of information is a constant.

Instead of banning and erasing the comments I decided to take the positive and address the topic in a separate article, written for those who want to understand and learn, because the world we live in is full of nuances and have granitic beliefs based on unfounded clichés is not good for anyone.

vegan shoes walter footwear

What Are Vegan Shoes

Meanwhile, let’s start from the basics: what are vegan shoes?

They are shoes made with materials of non-animal origin. So no leather, leather, wool or silk, but there’s more, because you have to pay attention to glues and dyes, which must always be cruelty free; no material used to create the shoe must come from an animal, it seems easy but I assure you that it is not at all, also because the labels that state the composition refer to 80% of the materials used, not their totality.

This is why there are specific certifications for vegan shoes, which are declared as such only if 100% cruelty free.

Are Zara’s Chinese shoes and shoes so vegan? The answer is no, indeed, maybe not. Some may be, some not, but not being certified it is impossible to give a precise opinion.

The fact that these low cost shoes are often made of faux leather, and that the vegan shoes are made of materials that resemble the skin, leads to a wrong mental association: the cruelty free shoes are made of plastic and cardboard, and are sold to high prices to fool vegan consumers.

Never association on the vegan world was more wrong: just stop to read the composition of vegan shoes to understand that there are many innovative materials, born after years of specific research, which in addition to being aesthetically pleasing are also comfortable for the foot.

The vegan consumer, moreover, is not a naive buyer who buys at random products that silence his sense of guilt and his curiosity, but is often a very attentive and informed person, used to asking, to question himself to really understand what he has before him.

The latest assumption to be disrupted is that the world of vegan shoes is a closed niche, dedicated to those who have chosen a vegan lifestyle: this is partly true, because initially the specialized brands were only addressed to vegans, but things are changing, and even communication has become more inclusive and open.

You do not need to be vegan to justify the purchase of a vegan shoe, as you do not need to put your food choices in public to propose an alternative to the customary one we have been used to.

vegan shoes

Are Vegan Shoes All Eco-friendly?

No, not all vegan shoes are also eco-friendly and “environmentally friendly”, but many are. This means that companies specializing in this sector do not choose to protect animals and then pollute rivers and oceans with dyes and plastic materials, but work to make all production as clean as possible.

It’s easy? No, it’s not even cheap, but it’s a choice that can not and should not be ignored, because producing leather shoes has an impact on the environment in which we live, and where our children will live, and it’s important to be aware of what is happening around us, since we are responsible for it.

Unfortunately, at this moment it is impossible to create something without also generating a negative impact on the environment, but it is precisely for this reason that we must support and encourage those who try to find a solution, with all the limits that the current world imposes on us.

Knowing, asking and knowing, in order to make conscious choices, must be a duty of all of us, but it is important to do it without demonizing anyone, but above all without giving false information based on clichés so old that they are obsolete.

Quality cruelty free vegan shoes are today a reality, and there are many brands that are starting to approach this new way of doing fashion: I’m happy to have presented you several alternatives , and I will continue to do so until the brand values ​​are in line with my parents.

vegan shoes made in italy

Where there is difference there is growth, where there is inclusiveness there is the future.






Melissa Satta Nude For Bata Shoes, Also For The Collection For The Holidays

Melissa Satta nude for Bata shoes. Again!

Melissa Satta naked , wearing only the shoes of her collection in collaboration with Bata: we are almost in 2018 and I think that a woman without clothes does not scandalize anybody anymore, yet online the controversy has broken out.

It ‘s very difficult that I agree with the fuss that often arise on social media, which is why I tend to keep my opinions for me, but this time, even if for reasons other than those mentioned in the various comments, I’m d’ agreement with those who say that the photos are totally out of place.

And I think they are not wrong because I think that the nude is vulgar, but because the soubrette was chosen mainly as a designer, as well as a testimonial.

melissa satta bata

The collection was designed by her, together with the Bata designers, at least this is the official version: often in these collaborations the stars only put the signature, but since this capsule is called ” Melissa Satta x Bata “, it is reasonable to think that there really worked, as did Cristina Chiabotto for Shoes & Shoes.

So what’s the point of exposing the shoe designer, making her pose as if she were taking pictures for an ordinary calendar? Have you ever seen Sophia Webster posing naked with her creations on her feet? Here, I mean this.

Was it really necessary to devalue the work (whether or not it was not my problem, I adhere to what is said) of Melissa Satta making her look like the usual nude model in high heels? Bizarre choice, given that the collection is aimed at a female audience, the same women who in these days are commenting with resentment shots of the collection.

And it’s a shame, because to talk about Melissa Satta naked we are not talking about the shoe collection, which is very pretty; the style of the models added for the holidays is more casual than those presented months ago, despite being low cost models have a graceful design.

So now let’s talk about them, since this is a shoe blog I want to try to do what Bata did not do, I want to enhance the work of Melissa Satta and those who supported her in the creation of this collection.

That would have been perfectly represented by a beautiful girl, aware of her charm, dressed with elegance and with a touch of glam to her feet: an opportunity wasted for Bata to do something different, less tied to the image of Melissa Satta naked sitting on a white sofa .

And if on YouTube there is a video titled “Melissa Satta For Bata, but shoes who looked at them?” Maybe someone should ask themselves some questions.

Melissa Satta For Bata: shoes and prices

The jewel applications have been included in the collection “for women who do not want to give up the style”, and between style and underwear choose the first one. This is the message I see in the photos, I do not want Melissa Satta, who is and remains a lovely person.

Among jewel decorations made up of maxi colored stones and multi-faceted beads that give light to every step, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Although I find the decollete in golden metallic leather, I must say that I prefer the colleague in red suede with ruffles: more unusual but still festive and feminine.

Interesting also the range of tight boots , seasonal trend: the iridescent model in shades of purple is really unusual and intriguing, I will do my best to go and try it in the store to understand how it is live, because the iridescent effect promises well.

The shoes from the Melissa Satta for Bata collection are available online and in the brand’s stores, in sizes 36 to 41.

Decollete jewel Euro 79.99:

decollete low cost jewel strass stones bata melissa satta


Red decollete, also available in black, Euro 69.99:

red shoes bata


Red ankle boots, also available in black, Euro 79.99:

low cost red high-heeled ankle boots comfortable


Ankle boots with beads, Euro 119:

ankle boots with beads


Ankle boots with stones Euro 99.99:

low cost rhinestone booties


Iridescent cuissardes boots, available in violet or bronze, Euro 89.99:


low cost tight boots


How do you think this capsule collection? And which side are you in the “Melissa Satta nude” scandal?

If you have not already done so I recommend you subscribe to my newsletter , I have a gift for you that will arrive on Eve day by email, and will help you to shop online safely!


Spring Ballerina flats 2018 Le Walterine: Made in Italy low cost!

Spring Ballerina flats 2018 Le Walterine: Made in Italy low cost!

Spring 2018 ballerinas : what are the trendy must-have models? The answer is easy, all!

The dancers are the shoes of the moment, the perfect allies to enjoy the change of season in comfort, starting to discover a little ‘skin: the trends for spring seem to please the tastes and needs of all women, as well as the brand Le Walterine, which every year proposes many Made in Italy ballerinas with different shapes.

In these photos taken in New York I present the model Dancing, in a version that seems to be worn in America: the denim upper is in fact decorated with a fantasy stars and stripes, I could not take them with me on the road?

Now that I’m back I consider them a souvenir, I’m often using them with simple jeans and a t-shirt paired with a biker jacket.

spring outfit

The 200 Dancing dancers are made of leather, suede or patent leather, the color variations are almost endless and are really comfortable and soft; as you may have noticed, they have a shape that hugs the foot well, a detail that is fundamental to me when I have to choose a pair of low-profile shoes.

I do not like models that are too opaque, but I find that those that are too low have little fit for my foot, so this middle way seemed perfect, and after wearing it for a few hours I had the confirmation that I had chosen the most suitable proposal.

fashion blogger new york

Spring 2018 dancers: which ones to buy?

If you are looking for some ideas for your spring shopping look at all the selection of 2018 dancers signed Le Walterine, I put the link at the bottom of the post: it was for me to take them all, from the metallic ones to the colorful models like flat fuchsia and those turquoise aquamarine!

I point out that there are also some models of dancers with internal wedge ( 1860 model ): I tried them in the store and in addition to being soft as clouds are perfect for those who want to wear flat shoes all day without straining too much back and heels.

And what is even more fantastic is that the internal wedge is not seen, you only hear the shoe when I tried, I was rather skeptical, but they are really well done and comfortable, a pleasant discovery to keep in mind.

In the spring 2018 dancers collection you can also find different flat toe, more dressy and suitable for more elegant outfits: I find delicious all the models with the strap on the instep, a detail that in addition to being practical adds a feminine touch to a rather versatile basic shoe.

And then there are the lacing dancers , those of Orsay, the models with accentuated neckline and strap that frames the attachment of the fingers, the slingback in satin, every page of the site is full of temptations!

If you love the dancers as much as I love them, you will go crazy among the Le Walterine proposals, the value for money is really exceptional and the shoes are Made in Italy.

dancers walterine walter shoes

Spring 2018 ballerinas: 3 must-have models

If you do not know what to choose I’ll help you, with great effort I made a small selection of the most versatile models for spring, to wear immediately instead of sneakers and ankle boots, which can finally hibernate for a few months.

  1. Ballerinas in rose gold metallic leather: the chic version of nude is a shade that looks great on both the pale complexion and on already tanned skins, and goes well with everything. The laminated effect adds a fun touch to an everlasting shoe.
  2. Pointed ballerina with strap or laces: they are more refined than the basic models, try them and you will not leave them anymore, not even in the evening. It happened to me, and that says a lot!
  3. Colored suede ballerinas: I vote for aquamarine, but lemon yellow or fuxia is fine too. A colorful dancer awakens every outfit and makes you feel special even if you’re simply queuing up on Saturday mornings, before running out to shop and a thousand other commissions! Wear it with trousers or jeans rolled up at the ankle and the figure will immediately be more slender and chic.

outfit dancers

What I wear: Stradivarius top, OVS jeans, Purificacion Garcia bag, Le Walterine ballerinas .

Location: Brooklyn Bridge, New York.

It was too much to believe it true; so complicated, immense, unfathomable. And so beautiful, seen from a distance: canyons of shadow and light, sunstrokes on the crystal facades, and the pink twilight crowning the skyscrapers like backgroundless shadows draped over powerful abysses.