How To Combine Colored Shoes In A Few Moves

You Do Not Know How To Combine Colored Shoes? Copy Reese Whiterspoon!

Reese Whiterspoon has been one of my favorite actresses for years, I found her delicious already in the days of “Legally Blonde” (I saw it only a few days ago, do not tell anyone!) But then with “Walk The Line” has officially conquered me and from that moment I always followed her with pleasure, also because she has a nice and simple style very similar to mine. A few days ago I came across an article from the PurseBlog site where several photos of the actress were collected, which unwittingly became the protagonist of this post dedicated to matching suitable shoes and very colorful shoes ; there is not an outfit that I would not wear, many are really similar to those that I usually choose, and all have in common the absolute simplicity and clean lines. No fashionable clothes for girls, no exaggerations, just a refined and feminine style combined with original and eye-catching accessories: the balance is perfect, I challenge anyone to say the opposite!

If you are in trouble because you do not know how to combine red shoes , or lemon yellow, take a look at the Reese Whiterspoon looks and you will come out winners! Among other things, his outfits are so simple that replicating them is a game for girls, surely you will already have many items in the closet but finding them even in low cost will not be a problem. Let’s begin?

In the first look, the actress wears some lemon-yellow toe pumps by Saint Laurent combined with a bag of the same color; to avoid overdoing, he combined the color of summer with a pair of not too tight white trousers and a checked shirt in shades of blue. The result is fun but refined and will especially appeal to blondes who often feel they have to stay away from the yellow: with the right accessories, you’re done! To copy the look of Reese without spending a fortune you can opt for these low-cost shoes from Asos.

Let’s take a break from the summer with a Marsala-colored outfit : this time, the shoes are décolleté mezze d’Orsay by Charlotte Olympia, combined with a sweater of the same color. Or so it seems because the top and the shoes are far from each other so no one will notice any small difference between the nuances; wise choice to opt for a neutral bag that completely disconnects from the dark colors of the outfit. Simple jeans without decorations are the final detail that adds a little casual touch to a very refined look.

The next outfit is perfect for the spring that I hope will arrive soon and features the fuchsia and So Kate décolleté by Christian Louboutin: also in this case Reese wore jeans paired with a floral top in shades of pink that she must like a lot, because I’ve already noticed it in other photos! To pick up the nuances of the shirt, she chose a strawberry pink bag that, while creating a contrast with the shoes, is well balanced; the leather jacket adds character to a rather neat outfit and is an excellent ally for the seasons characterized by uncertain weather and sudden wind.

But another clever way to combine a very colorful accessory without falling into the trap of the matchy matchy at all costs is … do not match it! This is the case of these high-heeled Gucci moccasins in orange suede: Reese has worn them with the usual jeans (I do not adore it by chance!) And a very preppy shirt with a blue shirt; the only reference to color is in the bag, a shopper with floral print. Even in this case his style is impeccable, I’m the only one to consider it the queen of effortlessy chic, of effortless elegance?

Someone still claims that leopard shoes are trash? Here are two adorable looks, one starring a kitten heel spotted in shades of brown, the other a red shoe more conspicuous and seemingly excessive. But appearance deceives, it does not take much to lighten it and make it wearable and fun:

Now it is the turn of Manolo Blahnik and his famous pumps in suede BB, petrol green in the first case, blue in the second. The first outfit clearly shows how non-pairing is the best solution to wear a colored accessory without becoming a slave; in the second case, the apotheosis of the modern effortlessy chic is reached. The tweed jacket makes the outfit alone and takes up the color of the shoes: just a light top and a pair of jeans are enough and you’re done; it is no coincidence that I am fixated with these jackets, elegant and very versatile in all seasons.

I have talked to you many times about red shoe pairings , so I will not dwell too much on this Reese Whiterspoon outfit; in this case he chose to wear a printed top and a bag that incorporates the colors of the shoes and the floral fantasy of the shirt and the result is perfect as always:

Blue is another of the many colors that generate terror in many of us, including me. I learned to pair it by choosing bright and vibrant shades like the Saint Laurent shoes in the first picture, but the navy is also versatile and less scary than expected. The sandals of the second outfit are from SJP, the jacket also in this case “makes the outfit”, is not it delicious?


I conclude with a pair of white shoes, always by Saint Laurent: if you, like me, have always considered the little elegant white décolleté, you will soon change your mind, because if combined with taste they can solve different outfit problems, given that white, like black , it’s fine with everything. In this case Reese has chosen an already refined look that focuses on navy blue, but in general a white shoe, which is a little sandal or décolleté, is undoubtedly a must-have piece to have in the shoe cabinet.

Now matching shoes is a game for girls!




Comfortable Decollete: Where To Buy Comfortable And Quality Shoes!

Comfortable Decollete: Where To Buy Comfortable And Quality Shoes!

And you, how many pairs of comfortable decollete do you have? I’m not talking about those crazy ones that we love so much, but classic models, which from season to season, from year to year, manage to save us even in situations in which dressing seems like a business.

I often receive requests for help that have as their object this chimera, the feminine shoe par excellence, in its simple essence: now find flashy, colorful and cheeky shoes, it is easy for every price range, but find comfortable and versatile decollete, quality, it is starting to become a business.

Regardless of the height of the heel and the silhoeutte you are looking for, in this post you will find a list of brands and shops where you can find quality decollete , divided by price range.

Unfortunately I can not guarantee that at any time of the year the names present have just the shoe you are looking for, but I thought to prepare a list to be monitored and updated continuously, which I always do with posts of this kind, present in the category “Free guides” of the blog.

If you want to buy an eternal model and suitable for all occasions and seasons, oriented on classic leather: the suede when it is hot is a bit ‘heavy, while the paint is hardly comfortable and flexible, and if it is tends to be scored after some use . But now let’s talk about names!

comfortable decollete

Comfortable decollete: the luxury brands

I always recommend buying the evergreen pieces of your wardrobe paying attention to the actual quality of the product, and with the decollete I’m no exception; a signature on a shoe, however, does not always correspond to a comfortable and lasting model.

Unfortunately, some beautiful shoes are transformed into instruments of torture at our feet, others after two releases are already to be resounded, not to mention those who have the sole so thin to delight us with a painful continuous massage that allows us to enjoy every stone or cobblestone at most.

Among the luxury brands that offer comfortable, simple and beautiful decollete, I want to recommend my favorites, those from which I would buy even without trying shoes.

  • Casadei
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Manolo Blahnik
  • Sergio Rossi
  • Le Silla

Comfortable decollete: average prices and low cost

In this category I have included both brands that sell at really affordable prices , which brand Made in Italy with average prices: at the end of the post you can find other useful links with information on the fit of some of them.

  • Aldo Shoes: low-cost brand, shoes are imported, but are among the best around, comfortable and well-made. The value for money is great!
  • Le Walterine: a line of a Milan store that also sells online, Walter Calzature; I have a pair of nude decollete and I adore them, they are very comfortable. I work with the brand for a few months, if I put my face it means that they are really well done.
  • Zara: some models are bad, others have exceptional durability. Unfortunately to understand it must be tried and kept at the feet for a few minutes: I wear them in dressing room while I try clothes and skirts, helps me to see how the different garments, but above all I immediately feel if the shoes have something wrong!
  • Amazon Find: another low-cost import brand, with really well-made and comfortable shoes. Often they have models that are not very versatile, but it is always advisable to keep an eye on the site.
  • Barca Shoes: unfortunately, months ago I had to make the shoes I bought, but the quality seemed excellent, especially in relation to the affordable price.
  • Asos: the brand of the well-known English low cost clothing site has always given me satisfaction, even if the shoes are imported. The “wide fit” line is particularly interesting, designed for wider feet.
  • Cinti: I have a small collection of decollete of this brand that often offers Made in Italy models.
  • Giancarlo Paoli: medium-high prices, but all-Italian quality.
  • Sergio Levantesi: splendid lines and excellent quality.
  • Marco Tozzi: on sale both on Zalando and on HSE24, his shoes are often described as “cushions for the feet”, they are very comfortable!
  • Caprice: very comfortable and suitable for problematic walking.

I hope I managed to give you a broad overview of the brands to watch for in the event of a compulsive purchase of comfortable decollete; before leaving you to the articles I have promised you add a last information: there are many shoe factories that sell their collections to small shops (not chains) throughout Italy, if you are not in a hurry try taking a walk in your city, you may find interesting surprises!

And then I think that helping the local realities put into circulation positive energies that make shopping even more enjoyable, have you ever thought about it?


Summer Sandals 2018: The Coolest Trends and Models Le Walterine

Summer Sandals 2018: The Coolest Trends and Models

Summer low sandals 2018 : which models are in fashion?

The choice is wide and really rich, finally after years of minimal flip flops a bit ‘trivial designers have begun to play with straps and straps, returning to make interesting even the models of flat sandals without heels .

In the summer of 2018 the low sandals stop being minimal shoes, and return to being shoes able to decorate the foot with metallic leathers and flashes of colors, straps and laces: no to boredom, not even at heel 0!

Flip-flop models continue to be present, especially in the jewel version, but as regards the more casual lines, go-ahead with colored and soft straps and straps on the skin, to match the glaze and accessories such as anklets and light touches of illuminant to emphasize the tanning of the legs.

walterine walter shoes

What I think is the sandal of the summer par excellence, the proposal that is impossible to give up, is the model that I show you worn in these photos outfit: leather sole almost completely flat, closed heel and ankle strap made of soft suede caramel brown and thin but not too much front band, two-colored and fun.

low sandals


These sandals are very comfortable, I have already started to use them for several weeks and despite the great heat I have not had the slightest problem: the only difficulty was to choose between the version with pink and white striped fabric band and this, blue it is white.

In the end I opted for the blue, since it is a color that I wear often in summer, combined with white but also other more vivid shades, like yellow.

summer sandals 2018


Summer Sandals 2018: Chic Outfits Without Heels

In these shots I chose to wear sandals with a very romantic white maxi dress, but the look options are endless, both with female outfits like this one, or with casual combinations made up of shorts and short dresses.

bonprix dress

Summer sandals 2018: the trendy models Le Walterine

In summer I use very low sandals, with the heat to endure the heels becomes a business, but these models have a holiday allure that puts in a good mood and makes the date of departure for the sea seem closer.

In the store I was also tempted by a model similar to the one I finally chose, and by other very glamorous proposals, so I thought of adding to my post a selection of the trendiest low sandals for summer 2018 , all signed by Le Walterine .

I present them starting from the left:

If you do not like models that are too bare (like me!), You will appreciate the low slingback sandal with a two-tone braided upper; I chose to show you the leather and fuchsia version because it is my favorite, but the 1820 sandal is also available in leather and electric blue, white and total black.

The 1831 sandal resembles the model I wore in this post, and is available in a multitude of different versions, from those in laminated leather to those in soft suede. A sandal like that is a woman’s best friend with a suitcase!

Before moving on to a flip-flop model, I want to show you a hybrid sandal, the 1826 , with a T-strap on the instep that stops between the fingers, and a thin band that wears the foot: the laminated gold version is perfect for summer !

As a last proposal, a flip-flop with slightly higher para in contrasting white rubber, light and glam, the 17502 model, available in different colors.

Summer low sandals 2018, what is your favorite model?

The value for money of the Le Walterine brand is excellent, I continue to collaborate with the Walter Calzature store because the shoes are well made, comfortable and durable; I also take them often on the road, they are the classic “shoes of trust” that support you in times of need.

If you want to shop and are afraid of overdoing know that Friday, June 29 will begin pre-sales both in the Walter Calzature stores in Milan, and in the online shop: to get this information in advance subscribe to the newsletter, but not before choosing your sandals for summer 2018 on the site!

How To Recognize The Original Louboutin Shoes From Fake Ones

How To Recognize The Original Louboutin Shoes From Fake Ones

Do you want to buy a pair of original Louboutin shoes online but do not know whether to trust?

Some time ago I had written another post in which I dispensed useful advice to those who need to understand whether the Louboutin shoe in front of it, indeed, behind the screen, is original: live it is easy, just rely on an official dealer and have a minimum of “clinical eye”, but online all this may not be enough, the web is full of chilling stories that complicate the situation.

Here are some tips to follow to avoid disappointment and unnecessary expenses, if you have any other advice to give us write well in the comments, then I will add it to the post with a lot of special tribute. It seems a fool but the fake market has not only grown, but specialized, so you need to keep your eyes wide open, look at the picture below for 10 seconds and keep the same attention throughout the post.

come riconoscere louboutin vere da quelle false originali



The web is full of photos, but how is the original Louboutin box? It is made of light brown cardboard, the paper is perfectly stretched, there are no folds or cuts, it is controlled in detail, as well as dustbags and shoes. The paper is also glossy: I do not mean shiny, but lacquered, another detail that is missing in the fake sisters, which often appear as a very light brown opaque. It is often difficult to make good photos of the box, so ask for more.

At the center of the lid is the word “Christian Louboutin”, in the lower right corner the word “Paris”. On the box there is always a sticker with the name of the model, the type of leather, and the size; in some cases there may also be the price, but it is an option that depends on retailers:

come riconoscere le louboutin originali


When you buy a pair of original Louboutin, after opening the box you will find red dust bag, well folded and resting on the white tissue paper; the bag is made of very soft and resistant fabric, on which is engraved the same logo that you find on the box, in black. Fake shoes are usually placed in two dustbags, then placed in the box and surrounded by a lump of tissue paper; none of this happens with the original shoes, which are neither wrapped nor covered with transparent plastic bags: they lie in the box separated and protected by several layers of white tissue paper, without horrible little sachets. Inside the box there is a mini version of the dust bag, identical to the large but rather small, in which you will find the spare heels: no transparent bags and cleats of plastic, maximum attention to detail! No Louboutin model has the transparent cellophane under the sole, which arrives intonsa and free of protections. In fake footwear there is instead a film to remove. Louboutin did not provide serial numbers and guarantees of authenticity, so if you find them in the box you have bought a non-original model.

The dustbags are in red fabric with logos in black, or in white cotton with red logos.


If you buy often from Ebay, you know that it happens to buy shoes without the original packaging: in some cases the lucky one got rid of the box, in others … it’s just an excuse to sell a fake for an original shoe. Unfortunately, the published photos do not always correspond to the shoes that you will receive, so ask others, in large quantities, if you doubt do not be afraid to ask to add a detail to the photo, a sheet with the date or other, to testify that the photo is an original taken at the moment. Analyze the seams, they must be perfect and under no circumstances should they show the points; inside the shoe there should not be any wrinkles or wrinkles of any kind, typical details of “tarocche” shoes of poor quality. Attention also to the sole: here also zero wrinkles, but fire red in glossy version; it spoils the first step, even on the carpets, but this is a symptom of authenticity. Often the soles of the “tarocche” shoes turn towards a dark red watered down in fuxia, the real color is this:

scarpe loubotuin originali

The sole is polished, in some models like the Daffodile there is a slight concave curvature in the area under the sole of the foot: it is a confirmation of originality that should not be underestimated, fake shoes always have a flat sole.

If the shoe is light colored, the outer edge of the sole will be the same color, NEVER black in contrast; this obviously applies to the originals! Finally, the logo: it must be imprinted under the sole in a light way, no obvious furrows, no smudges, just the writing Christian Louboutin, MADE IN ITALY (written in block letters, in small characters, the words are separated, in fake they often appear attached), and the EUROPEAN measure (therefore 38, not 8!). No “real leather” logo, no numbers of authenticity. It is possible to notice the dealer’s sticker or the sign of the same, similar to the one attached to the box. RECTIFICATION: it seems that in the vintage models the “Vero Cuoio” logo must be present, therefore maximum attention to all the other details!

scarpe louboutin originali come capire


Before concluding I point out a series of events in the United States, in the famous SaksFifthAvenue stores: several women have purchased Louboutin shoes online, this store is an official dealer but despite this the women have received non-original shoes. How did it happen? Simple, someone before them bought a fake, then ordered the same original model from Saks and then made the fake, getting a replacement and two pairs of Louboutin for the price of one. The insiders of Saks for some absurd reason have put fake on sale, and so on for months! Incredible, right? So I recommend, keep impatience and study well the shoes you have before you click on “buy”!

suola louboutin originale


Elegant Comfortable Shoes – Ceremonies and Summer Parties: Two Sandals and Two Looks

Comfortable Shoes For Elegant Ceremonies and Summer Parties: Two Outfits

Are you tired of having to fight with killer stilettos and soaring plateaus, and you’re looking for comfortable shoes , suitable for both summer ceremonies and your evenings with friends?

Today I offer you two pairs of sandals with comfortable heel , perfect for both the most formal outfits, and for everyday life; I chose these two models, Le Walterine, a brand of the Walter Calzature store, because they are particular and versatile at the same time, as well as quality, all factors that make them perfect for my needs.

And then they are the ideal shoes for the holidays, since they are combined with different types of looks with great simplicity.

If you have little space available in your suitcase, but the desire to play with fashion is so great, you can opt for these silver glitter sandals with wide heel and ankle strap: say they are shimmering is to say a little.

They immediately struck me because even though they are stable and comfortable they stand out, they shine like stars and above all they are very easy to combine with everything, from a simple pair of jeans to shorts and dresses.

Elegant comfortable shoes: wide heel silver sandals

In these photos I wore my comfortable elegant shoes with an evening outfit, composed of a beautiful precious skirt created by Alice Pieretti Couture, a young designer I met while I was looking for inspiration for these photos.

comfortable comfortable shoes


His handcrafted creations seemed perfect to enhance the sandals I wanted to introduce you!

wide heel silver sandals

The side split of the black and silver skirt is quite deep, and highlights the sandals, which with the multicolor glitter on a silver background embellish legs and feet with a magical touch of stardust.

fashion blogger shoes

The wide heel is comfortable and stable, really perfect for dancing evenings or lawn ceremonies. The intersection of front strips, which holds the foot without tightening it, is also very convenient.

If the silver seems too eccentric for your style, know that the same model is also available in black , and is also wonderful in this more sensual version.

Elegant comfortable shoes: black satin sandals

And the second pair of comfortable and elegant shoes is also black, these are satin sandals with tone-on-tone shimmering straps and a not too thin 8 cm heel.

2018 black sandals



The front processing hit me instantly, because it gives lightness to a linear and feminine shoe, rather versatile; this model is also available in blue and beige, I chose black because it is the color that goes with everything, the one that immediately makes elegant even the simplest look, but the other variants are still very refined.

These sandals in a moment make more thought out even the simplest dress, to wear for a surprise dinner or for a more elegant event: they are the classic shoes “you never know”, those to put always in your suitcase so as not to be unprepared before to the unexpected last-minute glamor.

A detail that I love a lot on this model is the adjustable strap, suitable for thinner ankles and for those who suffer from the heat during the summer: in case of sudden swelling just widen it a bit ‘to be immediately more comfortable, and start dancing without break.

comfortable comfortable shoes

For the combination with these black sandals I chose a very long and very colorful skirt, with animalier fantasy, once again created by Alice Pieretti Couture: I felt like a princess, I immediately loved the lightness of this model, so refined and unusual .

Now do you believe me when I say that elegant and comfortable heels exist?

We only need to learn to choose quality models, however special and suitable for our needs: I need sandals that hold the foot, so I like to play with strips and laces, which also help to remain stable and to have the correct posture on heels.

When I was a guest of Walter Calzature I tried several models of comfortable and elegant sandals, there are so many interesting proposals for both ceremonies and casual occasions: it was not easy to choose, but in the end I focused on shoes other than those that I usually propose, also to show that you do not need to always give in to the thin 12 heel to be feminine and chic!