Birkenstock: How Do They Fit? Wide or Narrow Plant? All About Birkenstock

But are Birkenstock good or bad?

Can they be freed or should we wear them only when nobody sees us and there is no risk of being noticed by some acquaintance who will point the finger at our orthopedic sandals of dubious elegance?

It will amaze you to know that I am pro Birkenstock, and that I consider the German sandals shoes broccoli: they are part of our lives because they are good, and health is not discussed.
I am convinced that nobody really likes broccoli, and that no one considers the “beautiful” Birkenstock; but who has tried it knows its benefits, and they are so evident that doing without it becomes impossible. You can instead live without broccoli, on this I can personally guarantee!
Returning to Birkenstock, the answer is yes, I have a couple myself, that I inherited from my mother, guilty of having the wrong model: I consider a cure for the aching feet after hours on the heels, I bring them for an hour after be dropped from the stiletto and I’ll tell you, the benefits are immediate.
If you do not even have a pair I think after this post you will run to get them, because they are the cure for all the pains of the foot and back: no one has ever seen me in public with Birkenstock, and I do not wear them proudly even at home but together with the green clay mask they are one of my favorite beauty secrets.
They are ugly, ungraceful and some models make even the most perfect foot disproportionate, but do you know what? That this mania for perfection has bored me, and that I do not even like to pretend to be a full-heeled Barbie 12 and deflated feet.
That said, we begin to explore the comfortable Birkenstock world together.

Birkenstock: how do they fit? Wide foot or narrow foot?

Let’s start from the basics, because the fit of the Birkenstock often creates confusion.
It is well known to those who have already bought the sandals, that the Birkenstock models fit so much, and that it is therefore advisable to buy a size less than the usual one.
But the ideal would be to try the shoes on your foot, to choose the right plant: maybe you do not know, but there are two different shifts, narrow plant and wide plant, marked by a symbol present in the inner plantar and on the box.

birkenstock plant
The shape of the foot filled with black represents the normal plant, the one with the empty leg the widest plant: is there a big difference?

Yes and no, in the sense that I have a thin foot and I have those for a wider plant, which I dress perfectly; based on my personal experience, I recommend the narrow-plan models only to those who have a really thin foot, while for the normal ends the other option is fine.
When you try the shoes, undo all the straps, and make sure that the foot is comfortable and does not feel forced by the sole, that having raised edges must dress the foot in a perfect way: a small size means pain, and this nullifies all effects of orthopedic sandals.
It is advisable that both the front and the back should move about one millimeter, the necessary space for the foot to be contained but free to move to walk.

Are the new Birkenstock bad?

Even in this case the answer is yes, at first they may seem rather harassing.
The original plantar (copied from everyone, but you know, I do not have great esteem of who copies the ideas of others) has been studied on the shape of the footprints that the foot leaves on the sand, and is anatomical and perfect to support a correct walking: this means that those who for years have worn shoes that do not follow the natural shape of the foot could suffer a bit.
But the annoyance ends soon, and the relief is really incredible, even for the legs and back; the footbed is made of several layers of raw jute, cork and latex, fine jute and suede.
Comfort is exceptional, the foot unloads body weight in the right places and even the posture is more conscious.
The model Gizeh, with the flip-flops, can give problems between the fingers especially at the beginning, it is just what I have and the first days of use were complicated, but then the plastic insert has softened and I no longer had problems.
Among the most popular sandals also the Arizona slippers, with the two straps with buckles, Almere, with the crossing of thin straps on the fingers, and Madrid, the slipper with the unique adjustable band.
For some years the brand has also launched the same plastic models, suitable for the sea and the pool: they can also be an interesting choice for those who want to try the plantar by spending less.
Are there Birkenstock for vegans ? Also in this case the answer is yes, consult the official website for more information!

Offers Birkenstock: where to buy Birkenstock at a discount

If you want to give in to the trend by saving, keep an eye on Amazon, because that’s where you often find Birkenstock at discount prices; and return policies will meet you in case you need to change size / model.
In the offline world, on the other hand, you go for a ride in a pharmacy, even there often unsold sizes are discounted and prices become quite interesting.

How to clean the Birkentocks – The Birkenstock stink, how do I wash them ?!

The topic is not particularly chic, but it is known that the Birkenstock sandals after years of use tend to stain and take on an unpleasant smell: remember to never wash them with water, you would damage the cork and leather that make up the sole .

To revive the sole use a specific brush for the suede, you will remove dust and various residues; if instead the problem is that your Birkenstock stinks keep them away from the water, and use bicarbonate: put it on the entire surface of the soles, massage it with an old toothbrush and leave it in place for a couple of hours.

Remove it with a shoe brush and your Birkenstock shoes will come back fresher than ever!

How to combine Birkenstock

If you decide to wear them out of the house, just do it, without thinking too much.
Because beautiful or ugly, they are always open shoes, which lend themselves to all the most casual combinations; they are not shoes suitable for formal contexts, for the office and for ceremonies, but for everyday life you can show them off without problems with shorts, long dresses and little dresses.
They are strange, some will look at them with horror, but who cares? There are also those who do not like the Blade of Casadei and love broccoli!
Life is too short to worry about the opinions of others, buy the Birkenstock and pamper your feet between a heel 12 and a killer boot.