Cannes Film Festival: All the Shoes of the Stars on the Red Carpet!

I avoided to dedicate a post to the Met Gala 2015 because I did not find any ideas worthy of being shared, but the Cannes Film Festival is giving me a lot of satisfactions, one of them is Charlize Theron, so I decided to publish the photos of the shoes here and the looks that the stars are wearing on the red carpet and in the side events.

Also on this occasion, as during the Oscars night , essential and minimal sandals are everywhere, but accompanied by very high décolleté and maxi platformers: there really is something for everyone, so make yourself comfortable and choose your favorite star! My name is Charlize, and I want to start with her.

From what world is the world we women know that yellow is bad for blondes, we are educated since childhood to learn strict rules like this, so as to grow up convinced to know our business. Then comes Charlize, wrapped in lemon-colored Dior evening dress, and the world stops: divine, there is nothing else to add; at her feet she wore Jimmy Choo Minny sandals in metal leather. This model, simple and elegant, is one of the most loved by the stars, in recent months has appeared on several international red carpet and even in Cannes we often saw:

jimmy choo minny

The Minny sandal was also spotted at the feet of the beautiful model Doutzen Kroes, who matched the silver version with a white dress by Versace with maxi slit: another beautiful that is fine with everything, but personally I would have preferred a less sensual dress.

And again Minny , this time in a fiery red version, has dressed the feet of the director and actress Emmanuelle Bercot, it seems that the fashion of nude sandals is destined to keep us company for a long time!

shoes cannes 2015

The super top Karlie Kloss focuses on 100% sensuality, dressed by the Versace fashion house; personally I find the dress really not very elegant, but with that body I can understand the desire to discover myself. The décolleté in silver leather with chromed stiletto are signed Versace:

karlie kloss cannes shoes

He has convinced little the look of an educanda I choose from our Jasmine Trinca, in stark contrast to the excesses seen above: the actress was so elegant, but her outfit immediately appeared trivial and not suitable for an international red carpet. Even the shoes chosen, the simple black open toe décolleté, are not really anything special, but since “less is more” I do not want to reject it, for now it is only postponed!

jasmine trinca cannes 2015

I really liked the determination of another Italian, Alba Rohrwacher, in a total Valentino look; to note the ankle boots Rockstud, good choice to give short dress character, a preview of the collection A / W 2015/2016 of the brand:

Short dress also for Selma Hayek, actress who in my opinion always looks the same dressed; in Cannes she was dressed in an Alexander McQueen dress combined with black pumps with maxi platform inside Giuseppe Zanotti Design: many will forget this look before the end of the Festival, thankfully!

She was not afraid to dare with the look the actress Julianne Moore, who this year did forget the terrible misstep happened on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival in 2013; she, like Charlize Theron, has also challenged another fashion rule, which suggests to women with red hair not to wear this color. She did it, and she did it on a red carpet, what courage! Needless to say, it has won everyone thanks to its elegance emphasized by the Givenchy total look created by Riccardo Tisci; splendid, simply splendid.

julianne moore givenchy

Even Natalie Portman has dared with a fire red dress Dior, I’m sorry to say because I love her forever, but this look did not convince me: I found it already seen, not at all original and not very suitable for its skinny body. At the feet of simple black satin sandals, they too beautiful, but nothing special:

natalie portman cannes 2015

Miranda Kerr, another super model, wore two dresses for the Magnum party organized in Cannes; the first, black and sparkling, is by David Koma, I did not particularly like it but I liked the shoes chosen by the stars, the Solonu décolleté by Christian Louboutin . The light fuchsia dress by Emanuel Ungaro, combined with simple nude sandals, which he wore for the same event:

Even Emma Stone has remained faithful to Christian Louboutin shoes , choosing the So Kate in the degradé version, combined with an Oscar De La Renta mini dress: in formal occasions it is always fabulous, but the Dior evening dress worn on the red carpet has me a bit ‘disappointed.



Conclude with the actress who for me is now the undisputed queen of the red carpet, every time I see her I melt, is elegant, beautiful and wearing difficult clothes with rare ease: here is Lupita Nyong’o in Gucci, a green cloud that leaves breathless!