Comfortable Decollete: Where To Buy Comfortable And Quality Shoes!

And you, how many pairs of comfortable decollete do you have? I’m not talking about those crazy ones that we love so much, but classic models, which from season to season, from year to year, manage to save us even in situations in which dressing seems like a business.

I often receive requests for help that have as their object this chimera, the feminine shoe par excellence, in its simple essence: now find flashy, colorful and cheeky shoes, it is easy for every price range, but find comfortable and versatile decollete, quality, it is starting to become a business.

Regardless of the height of the heel and the silhoeutte you are looking for, in this post you will find a list of brands and shops where you can find quality decollete , divided by price range.

Unfortunately I can not guarantee that at any time of the year the names present have just the shoe you are looking for, but I thought to prepare a list to be monitored and updated continuously, which I always do with posts of this kind, present in the category “Free guides” of the blog.

If you want to buy an eternal model and suitable for all occasions and seasons, oriented on classic leather: the suede when it is hot is a bit ‘heavy, while the paint is hardly comfortable and flexible, and if it is tends to be scored after some use . But now let’s talk about names!

comfortable decollete

Comfortable decollete: the luxury brands

I always recommend buying the evergreen pieces of your wardrobe paying attention to the actual quality of the product, and with the decollete I’m no exception; a signature on a shoe, however, does not always correspond to a comfortable and lasting model.

Unfortunately, some beautiful shoes are transformed into instruments of torture at our feet, others after two releases are already to be resounded, not to mention those who have the sole so thin to delight us with a painful continuous massage that allows us to enjoy every stone or cobblestone at most.

Among the luxury brands that offer comfortable, simple and beautiful decollete, I want to recommend my favorites, those from which I would buy even without trying shoes.

  • Casadei
  • Jimmy Choo
  • Manolo Blahnik
  • Sergio Rossi
  • Le Silla

Comfortable decollete: average prices and low cost

In this category I have included both brands that sell at really affordable prices , which brand Made in Italy with average prices: at the end of the post you can find other useful links with information on the fit of some of them.

  • Aldo Shoes: low-cost brand, shoes are imported, but are among the best around, comfortable and well-made. The value for money is great!
  • Le Walterine: a line of a Milan store that also sells online, Walter Calzature; I have a pair of nude decollete and I adore them, they are very comfortable. I work with the brand for a few months, if I put my face it means that they are really well done.
  • Zara: some models are bad, others have exceptional durability. Unfortunately to understand it must be tried and kept at the feet for a few minutes: I wear them in dressing room while I try clothes and skirts, helps me to see how the different garments, but above all I immediately feel if the shoes have something wrong!
  • Amazon Find: another low-cost import brand, with really well-made and comfortable shoes. Often they have models that are not very versatile, but it is always advisable to keep an eye on the site.
  • Barca Shoes: unfortunately, months ago I had to make the shoes I bought, but the quality seemed excellent, especially in relation to the affordable price.
  • Asos: the brand of the well-known English low cost clothing site has always given me satisfaction, even if the shoes are imported. The “wide fit” line is particularly interesting, designed for wider feet.
  • Cinti: I have a small collection of decollete of this brand that often offers Made in Italy models.
  • Giancarlo Paoli: medium-high prices, but all-Italian quality.
  • Sergio Levantesi: splendid lines and excellent quality.
  • Marco Tozzi: on sale both on Zalando and on HSE24, his shoes are often described as “cushions for the feet”, they are very comfortable!
  • Caprice: very comfortable and suitable for problematic walking.

I hope I managed to give you a broad overview of the brands to watch for in the event of a compulsive purchase of comfortable decollete; before leaving you to the articles I have promised you add a last information: there are many shoe factories that sell their collections to small shops (not chains) throughout Italy, if you are not in a hurry try taking a walk in your city, you may find interesting surprises!

And then I think that helping the local realities put into circulation positive energies that make shopping even more enjoyable, have you ever thought about it?