Comfortable Shoes For Elegant Ceremonies and Summer Parties: Two Outfits

Are you tired of having to fight with killer stilettos and soaring plateaus, and you’re looking for comfortable shoes , suitable for both summer ceremonies and your evenings with friends?

Today I offer you two pairs of sandals with comfortable heel , perfect for both the most formal outfits, and for everyday life; I chose these two models, Le Walterine, a brand of the Walter Calzature store, because they are particular and versatile at the same time, as well as quality, all factors that make them perfect for my needs.

And then they are the ideal shoes for the holidays, since they are combined with different types of looks with great simplicity.

If you have little space available in your suitcase, but the desire to play with fashion is so great, you can opt for these silver glitter sandals with wide heel and ankle strap: say they are shimmering is to say a little.

They immediately struck me because even though they are stable and comfortable they stand out, they shine like stars and above all they are very easy to combine with everything, from a simple pair of jeans to shorts and dresses.

Elegant comfortable shoes: wide heel silver sandals

In these photos I wore my comfortable elegant shoes with an evening outfit, composed of a beautiful precious skirt created by Alice Pieretti Couture, a young designer I met while I was looking for inspiration for these photos.

comfortable comfortable shoes


His handcrafted creations seemed perfect to enhance the sandals I wanted to introduce you!

wide heel silver sandals

The side split of the black and silver skirt is quite deep, and highlights the sandals, which with the multicolor glitter on a silver background embellish legs and feet with a magical touch of stardust.

fashion blogger shoes

The wide heel is comfortable and stable, really perfect for dancing evenings or lawn ceremonies. The intersection of front strips, which holds the foot without tightening it, is also very convenient.

If the silver seems too eccentric for your style, know that the same model is also available in black , and is also wonderful in this more sensual version.

Elegant comfortable shoes: black satin sandals

And the second pair of comfortable and elegant shoes is also black, these are satin sandals with tone-on-tone shimmering straps and a not too thin 8 cm heel.

2018 black sandals



The front processing hit me instantly, because it gives lightness to a linear and feminine shoe, rather versatile; this model is also available in blue and beige, I chose black because it is the color that goes with everything, the one that immediately makes elegant even the simplest look, but the other variants are still very refined.

These sandals in a moment make more thought out even the simplest dress, to wear for a surprise dinner or for a more elegant event: they are the classic shoes “you never know”, those to put always in your suitcase so as not to be unprepared before to the unexpected last-minute glamor.

A detail that I love a lot on this model is the adjustable strap, suitable for thinner ankles and for those who suffer from the heat during the summer: in case of sudden swelling just widen it a bit ‘to be immediately more comfortable, and start dancing without break.

comfortable comfortable shoes

For the combination with these black sandals I chose a very long and very colorful skirt, with animalier fantasy, once again created by Alice Pieretti Couture: I felt like a princess, I immediately loved the lightness of this model, so refined and unusual .

Now do you believe me when I say that elegant and comfortable heels exist?

We only need to learn to choose quality models, however special and suitable for our needs: I need sandals that hold the foot, so I like to play with strips and laces, which also help to remain stable and to have the correct posture on heels.

When I was a guest of Walter Calzature I tried several models of comfortable and elegant sandals, there are so many interesting proposals for both ceremonies and casual occasions: it was not easy to choose, but in the end I focused on shoes other than those that I usually propose, also to show that you do not need to always give in to the thin 12 heel to be feminine and chic!