You Do Not Know How To Combine Colored Shoes? Copy Reese Whiterspoon!

Reese Whiterspoon has been one of my favorite actresses for years, I found her delicious already in the days of “Legally Blonde” (I saw it only a few days ago, do not tell anyone!) But then with “Walk The Line” has officially conquered me and from that moment I always followed her with pleasure, also because she has a nice and simple style very similar to mine. A few days ago I came across an article from the PurseBlog site where several photos of the actress were collected, which unwittingly became the protagonist of this post dedicated to matching suitable shoes and very colorful shoes ; there is not an outfit that I would not wear, many are really similar to those that I usually choose, and all have in common the absolute simplicity and clean lines. No fashionable clothes for girls, no exaggerations, just a refined and feminine style combined with original and eye-catching accessories: the balance is perfect, I challenge anyone to say the opposite!

If you are in trouble because you do not know how to combine red shoes , or lemon yellow, take a look at the Reese Whiterspoon looks and you will come out winners! Among other things, his outfits are so simple that replicating them is a game for girls, surely you will already have many items in the closet but finding them even in low cost will not be a problem. Let’s begin?

In the first look, the actress wears some lemon-yellow toe pumps by Saint Laurent combined with a bag of the same color; to avoid overdoing, he combined the color of summer with a pair of not too tight white trousers and a checked shirt in shades of blue. The result is fun but refined and will especially appeal to blondes who often feel they have to stay away from the yellow: with the right accessories, you’re done! To copy the look of Reese without spending a fortune you can opt for these low-cost shoes from Asos.

Let’s take a break from the summer with a Marsala-colored outfit : this time, the shoes are décolleté mezze d’Orsay by Charlotte Olympia, combined with a sweater of the same color. Or so it seems because the top and the shoes are far from each other so no one will notice any small difference between the nuances; wise choice to opt for a neutral bag that completely disconnects from the dark colors of the outfit. Simple jeans without decorations are the final detail that adds a little casual touch to a very refined look.

The next outfit is perfect for the spring that I hope will arrive soon and features the fuchsia and So Kate décolleté by Christian Louboutin: also in this case Reese wore jeans paired with a floral top in shades of pink that she must like a lot, because I’ve already noticed it in other photos! To pick up the nuances of the shirt, she chose a strawberry pink bag that, while creating a contrast with the shoes, is well balanced; the leather jacket adds character to a rather neat outfit and is an excellent ally for the seasons characterized by uncertain weather and sudden wind.

But another clever way to combine a very colorful accessory without falling into the trap of the matchy matchy at all costs is … do not match it! This is the case of these high-heeled Gucci moccasins in orange suede: Reese has worn them with the usual jeans (I do not adore it by chance!) And a very preppy shirt with a blue shirt; the only reference to color is in the bag, a shopper with floral print. Even in this case his style is impeccable, I’m the only one to consider it the queen of effortlessy chic, of effortless elegance?

Someone still claims that leopard shoes are trash? Here are two adorable looks, one starring a kitten heel spotted in shades of brown, the other a red shoe more conspicuous and seemingly excessive. But appearance deceives, it does not take much to lighten it and make it wearable and fun:

Now it is the turn of Manolo Blahnik and his famous pumps in suede BB, petrol green in the first case, blue in the second. The first outfit clearly shows how non-pairing is the best solution to wear a colored accessory without becoming a slave; in the second case, the apotheosis of the modern effortlessy chic is reached. The tweed jacket makes the outfit alone and takes up the color of the shoes: just a light top and a pair of jeans are enough and you’re done; it is no coincidence that I am fixated with these jackets, elegant and very versatile in all seasons.

I have talked to you many times about red shoe pairings , so I will not dwell too much on this Reese Whiterspoon outfit; in this case he chose to wear a printed top and a bag that incorporates the colors of the shoes and the floral fantasy of the shirt and the result is perfect as always:

Blue is another of the many colors that generate terror in many of us, including me. I learned to pair it by choosing bright and vibrant shades like the Saint Laurent shoes in the first picture, but the navy is also versatile and less scary than expected. The sandals of the second outfit are from SJP, the jacket also in this case “makes the outfit”, is not it delicious?


I conclude with a pair of white shoes, always by Saint Laurent: if you, like me, have always considered the little elegant white décolleté, you will soon change your mind, because if combined with taste they can solve different outfit problems, given that white, like black , it’s fine with everything. In this case Reese has chosen an already refined look that focuses on navy blue, but in general a white shoe, which is a little sandal or décolleté, is undoubtedly a must-have piece to have in the shoe cabinet.

Now matching shoes is a game for girls!