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How to get a loan while in Lists of Defaulters

Can I get a Loan while on a List of delinquents? This is the classic question when we look for fast credits while in Good Credit Score.

This usually happens when for some reason, we stop paying a debt (mobile phone, loans, cards …). For this reason, as debtors, the creditors of these debts exercise their right to claim and include us as delinquent.

Being registered in a file   The defaulter marks us as a non-pleasant person, and getting a credit on the list of defaulters becomes an impossible task.

Below we show you how to know if you are registered in any database and, if this were the case, how to get personal loans to leave Good Credit Score .

What is a List of Defaulters?


 A list of delinquents is a database that reports incidents made in payments of debts incurred, whether natural or legal persons.

That is, it serves to assess and consult a person’s payment guarantee , whether or not they are paying their credits. 

We have to know that these delinquency files have consultation rights, we can all request a report to check if we are registered.

What is the Good Credit Score?

Possibly the Good Credit Score is the most famous file. Before requesting a loan and knowing that you are with Good Credit Score , it is a good idea to check our credit status. We can exercise our right of access, cancellation, rectification and opposition.

How to know if I am in the Good Credit Score

How to know if I am in the Good Credit Score

To know if one is registered in the Good Credit Score database, you can access the website and exercise your consultation rights. If you have received a letter indicating your registration, it will have a reference number that, together with your ID, allows you to directly access your query.

When we use the mail or email methods to consult our Good Credit Score, we must indicate the following information:

  • Name and company name of the company.
  • ID / NIF / CIF.
  • Address to which the answer can be sent.
  • Attach a photocopy of any document proving personality.
  • Shipping date and signature.

It must be borne in mind that to be able to consult the Good Credit Score, only the person or company affected can have that right, being able in some cases to appoint a legal representative to exercise the right of consultation.

The Law indicates that there is a period of one month to allow holders access to their personal data (Article 12 Royal Decree 1332/1994). However, if it is addressed in writing and the form in which it is requested is correct, the answer will be sent to you in the shortest possible time.

How to leave Good Credit Score

To leave the Good Credit Score database we have to go through the means mentioned above and indicate our data and the cancellation of the registration .

  • ID / NIF / CIF.
  • Data that you want to rectify or cancel.
  • Address for notifications.
  • Photocopy of the identity document.
  • Date and signature.

In the event that it is a pending debt that we wish to cancel, we must accompany a photocopy of the payment receipt to the registration cancellation request.

If the request is correct it will take 10 days to leave the Good Credit Score, in case the cancellation could not be exercised it will be communicated in writing within the same period.

RAI. The Good Credit Score of Companies

The Unpaid Acceptance Registry (RAI) is a delinquent file for legal persons or companies . This file can only be consulted by companies or individuals that have been listed as freelancers.

The use of the RAI database allows companies to check the solvency of their customers and know the history of defaults that it may have. Thanks to this query, it will give us an idea of ​​what kind of business relationship we should have with our customers.

For a company to appear on RAI seriously damages any negotiation in the purchase of merchandise since it will indicate that our payment history is bad.

How to get Loans or Credits to leave Good Credit Score

How to get Loans or Credits to leave Good Credit Score

Getting financing while in Good Credit Score is difficult. Most of the entities that offer loans with Good Credit Score, microcredits or loans , or any form of financing, are to consult the delinquency databases. If your ID is registered, your application will automatically be rejected. Many cases are usually small debts for telephone defaults or a simple credit card, but even if the debt is small the rejection will be total.

The only solution will be to first pay off the debt and then wait until we get off the blacklist. But how can I pay a debt to leave Good Credit Score if I can’t get a loan or nobody can leave me the money.

This is a very typical situation, we are facing a dead end and this is when we begin to look for financiers who give loans to cancel debts. In the press and on the Internet we will find many ads for loans with Good Credit Score, fast money with Good Credit Score .

How true are these offers? From my experience, getting a loan to pay off a debt while in Good Credit Score is impossible unless there is a guarantee that can support your debt.

There are several types of collateral, but as a general rule and especially when you use financial institutions that accept Good Credit Score or lenders, there will only be certain guarantees that will be admitted as appropriate.

Guarantees to get a Loan or Loans with Good Credit Score

The guarantees to present to the financial companies that accept Good Credit Score that may have greater acceptance are usually the following:

  • Real estate guarantee.
  • Vehicle guarantee.
  • Bank guarantee.
  • Other guarantees.

Leave Good Credit Score without paying Debt

Leave Good Credit Score without paying Debt

I need money and I am in the Good Credit Score, can you leave without paying the debt ?. Friend, we must congratulate ourselves on our famous Data Protection Law .


The companies that introduce a client to a list of delinquents such as the Good Credit Score for the non-payment of their debts, in most cases they register in breach of the Organic Law on Data Protection, currently known as GDPR.

The data on the economic solvency of an individual are extremely sensitive, so the Law requires many guarantees for its registration. Debts must be claimed with a prior payment requirement and said claim must be communicated reliably .

Such communication must have a form in which the debtor is fully informed of his situation. In most cases the Law “favors you”, and thanks to its requirements you can claim your immediate departure and demand the cancellation of your registration in a list of delinquents.