How To Recognize The Original Louboutin Shoes From Fake Ones

Do you want to buy a pair of original Louboutin shoes online but do not know whether to trust?

Some time ago I had written another post in which I dispensed useful advice to those who need to understand whether the Louboutin shoe in front of it, indeed, behind the screen, is original: live it is easy, just rely on an official dealer and have a minimum of “clinical eye”, but online all this may not be enough, the web is full of chilling stories that complicate the situation.

Here are some tips to follow to avoid disappointment and unnecessary expenses, if you have any other advice to give us write well in the comments, then I will add it to the post with a lot of special tribute. It seems a fool but the fake market has not only grown, but specialized, so you need to keep your eyes wide open, look at the picture below for 10 seconds and keep the same attention throughout the post.

come riconoscere louboutin vere da quelle false originali



The web is full of photos, but how is the original Louboutin box? It is made of light brown cardboard, the paper is perfectly stretched, there are no folds or cuts, it is controlled in detail, as well as dustbags and shoes. The paper is also glossy: I do not mean shiny, but lacquered, another detail that is missing in the fake sisters, which often appear as a very light brown opaque. It is often difficult to make good photos of the box, so ask for more.

At the center of the lid is the word “Christian Louboutin”, in the lower right corner the word “Paris”. On the box there is always a sticker with the name of the model, the type of leather, and the size; in some cases there may also be the price, but it is an option that depends on retailers:

come riconoscere le louboutin originali


When you buy a pair of original Louboutin, after opening the box you will find red dust bag, well folded and resting on the white tissue paper; the bag is made of very soft and resistant fabric, on which is engraved the same logo that you find on the box, in black. Fake shoes are usually placed in two dustbags, then placed in the box and surrounded by a lump of tissue paper; none of this happens with the original shoes, which are neither wrapped nor covered with transparent plastic bags: they lie in the box separated and protected by several layers of white tissue paper, without horrible little sachets. Inside the box there is a mini version of the dust bag, identical to the large but rather small, in which you will find the spare heels: no transparent bags and cleats of plastic, maximum attention to detail! No Louboutin model has the transparent cellophane under the sole, which arrives intonsa and free of protections. In fake footwear there is instead a film to remove. Louboutin did not provide serial numbers and guarantees of authenticity, so if you find them in the box you have bought a non-original model.

The dustbags are in red fabric with logos in black, or in white cotton with red logos.


If you buy often from Ebay, you know that it happens to buy shoes without the original packaging: in some cases the lucky one got rid of the box, in others … it’s just an excuse to sell a fake for an original shoe. Unfortunately, the published photos do not always correspond to the shoes that you will receive, so ask others, in large quantities, if you doubt do not be afraid to ask to add a detail to the photo, a sheet with the date or other, to testify that the photo is an original taken at the moment. Analyze the seams, they must be perfect and under no circumstances should they show the points; inside the shoe there should not be any wrinkles or wrinkles of any kind, typical details of “tarocche” shoes of poor quality. Attention also to the sole: here also zero wrinkles, but fire red in glossy version; it spoils the first step, even on the carpets, but this is a symptom of authenticity. Often the soles of the “tarocche” shoes turn towards a dark red watered down in fuxia, the real color is this:

scarpe loubotuin originali

The sole is polished, in some models like the Daffodile there is a slight concave curvature in the area under the sole of the foot: it is a confirmation of originality that should not be underestimated, fake shoes always have a flat sole.

If the shoe is light colored, the outer edge of the sole will be the same color, NEVER black in contrast; this obviously applies to the originals! Finally, the logo: it must be imprinted under the sole in a light way, no obvious furrows, no smudges, just the writing Christian Louboutin, MADE IN ITALY (written in block letters, in small characters, the words are separated, in fake they often appear attached), and the EUROPEAN measure (therefore 38, not 8!). No “real leather” logo, no numbers of authenticity. It is possible to notice the dealer’s sticker or the sign of the same, similar to the one attached to the box. RECTIFICATION: it seems that in the vintage models the “Vero Cuoio” logo must be present, therefore maximum attention to all the other details!

scarpe louboutin originali come capire


Before concluding I point out a series of events in the United States, in the famous SaksFifthAvenue stores: several women have purchased Louboutin shoes online, this store is an official dealer but despite this the women have received non-original shoes. How did it happen? Simple, someone before them bought a fake, then ordered the same original model from Saks and then made the fake, getting a replacement and two pairs of Louboutin for the price of one. The insiders of Saks for some absurd reason have put fake on sale, and so on for months! Incredible, right? So I recommend, keep impatience and study well the shoes you have before you click on “buy”!

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