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LOANS It’s possible?

Against all types of delays and paperwork, today we can obtain a loan in a lower interest rate and flexible repayment terms more quickly and reliably. The only requirement to show will be to present the ID and in a few minutes of verification, we can have our micro credit.

Next, we will explain what are our best financial solutions to get this type of credit.

Advantages of applying for a credit online

Advantages of applying for a credit online

Nowadays people of any age, profession and economic situation have found an excellent alternative to bank loans, especially to address very specific situations in which they need cash and do not have the time to wait for a response from a financial institution.

It is a new type of credit, which you can apply for online and although it is difficult to believe, the only document they ask for is the Spanish ID.

As a benefit, it is a purely online paperless process. We must be over 21 years old, obviously have our ID and be holders of an account in a bank to receive the loan money, without guarantees , mortgages or payroll.

As users, we must rely on a transparent platform that delivers exactly what was promised. Therefore, we have flexible figures and deadlines as a solution to our most urgent problems and have our service whenever we need it.

It is for this reason that we can have several services, among which are: loans without payroll, where it is not necessary to show that a company supports us as well as we can get loans between 300 and 1000 euros.

From the comfort of home, we make the request to any of the online financial institutions that offer this service.

Mini credits when you need them

Many of these entities accept most of the requests sent to them, because they trust their customers. They do not discriminate between users with a history of delinquency. This makes borrowers loyal customers because they can use these mini credits for small investments and gradually increase their liquidity. These loans are the world, so we recommend you visit our online mini-credit guide, where we explain how they work.

Who can apply for these loans?


All users can apply for credits with the ABC. This modality is very popular among natural persons who are excluded from the traditional financial systems of banks and private companies such as students, unemployed, delinquent, residents and foreigners.

When entering the laptop or phone, we just have to enter the page and register with our personal data, a process that in most cases can be done in a few minutes.

Although we are included in some of the delinquency systems of the Spanish financial system such as Good Finance and RAI , we can apply for your loan or credit, although it is true that if we are included in any delinquency list it is likely that they will not grant us This type of credit.

We have several alternatives to choose which is the plan that best suits our needs such as: mortgage, fixed rate, mixed credit, for debt refinancing, for buying and selling and many more.

How to apply for credit only with your ID?

How to apply for credit only with your ID?

This procedure is very simple and in a few steps: first we have to click on the loan option that suits us, depending on the amount and the repayment time . Then we must enter our personal data in the register of the website of the entity. When completing the file, you must select the send option.

We must wait a few minutes while our system sends us an email that notifies that the loan with ABC has been approved in its first stage. Next, you must send a copy or a visible photograph of your updated ID . In doing so, they will give us a copy of the contract and we can receive the transfer of the money to the bank account that we have registered.

It is important that we confirm that the account information is correct to receive the money. Do not forget to read the special conditions of each loan.

Reliable verification

But, get loans with the ABC? Do we not need to provide more information? .

Today, artificial intelligence systems have increasingly automated and streamlined processes. The softwares are connected with advanced, updated and secure data , with the information of all customers. They also have optimal verification mechanisms with bank systems and other financial systems.

In this way, we will not have to deliver a folder with photocopies or documents that support the information we provide. With this automatic program , we save time that can be very valuable for other needs.

Also, these companies have SSL security certificates that guarantee that our information is protected against virus and malware attacks. And it meets the parameters of navigability, speed and intuitive interface.

How do you calculate what you are going to pay?

How do you calculate what you are going to pay?

Unlike the loans provided by banks, which are calculated based on the APR interest with their respective opening fees and fees, online loans with ABC , use another type of interest because it is a short-term transaction (which is usually one month) and not in one year, as is usually requested in traditional credits.

Due to this, the repayment terms and interests are shorter . Depending on the amount and time to return your credit, the value will vary. At the time of receiving the contract, we will be clearly told exactly how much we have to pay and when. In case of any doubt, we must consult before signing.

Boost your business

Boost your business

If our business is going through an unstable situation and the red figures are beginning to be a constant concern, the banks are drowning us with their high interests and the creditors are starting to pressure us with excessive charges, it is time to consider applying for an emergency loan We can pay in comfortable return terms of several months.

In this way, we will have time to recover and gradually respond to debts and avoid bankruptcy.

There are other cases in which we have a financial strength but an accident occurs and due to cumbersome procedures of the banks, we cannot make the money immediately . For these extreme situations, these types of loans available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year are also very advantageous.

What happens when you can’t make the payment?

This is an undesirable situation for both parties. However, if this occurs, we continue with the provisions of legal regulations, which require that after one month of having expired the first month, we will have to pay a higher interest that does not exceed normal interest by 2 percentage points . Normally they charge the commission for claiming debtor positions for the receipts returned.

If a second month elapses and the debt has not been answered, our data is entered into the Good Finance delinquency list, which may cause future loan applications to be rejected in the banks.

Finally, if another month elapses, a judicial process will begin in which the judge in charge tries to negotiate the debt between both parties.

Generally when it comes to amounts less than 1000 euros, the penalties are lower. Otherwise, the court is able to order the seizure of payroll or other property.

Credits only with the ABC

Actually, calling him a loan only with ABC is not 100% correct, because although that cumbersome paperwork is not requested, if it is true that something else must be provided, such as some proof of regular income that you confirm, next to the database of these entities, which we can deal with the debt incurred.

In addition, we must also provide necessary data such as a bank account number of which we are the holder and an email in which we will receive the copy of the contract, which will specify the amount borrowed, the return terms and the fees to be returned.

Although it is true that any client can access your request, another characteristic of this type of credit is that it is designed for people with little or no financial solvency, such as unemployed or university students, and the amount offered does not usually exceed 1000 euros.

Therefore, because they are small amounts it is not necessary to resort to the figure of the guarantor , since by presenting these minimum documents the company already intuits that you can return the money borrowed.