Melissa Satta nude for Bata shoes. Again!

Melissa Satta naked , wearing only the shoes of her collection in collaboration with Bata: we are almost in 2018 and I think that a woman without clothes does not scandalize anybody anymore, yet online the controversy has broken out.

It ‘s very difficult that I agree with the fuss that often arise on social media, which is why I tend to keep my opinions for me, but this time, even if for reasons other than those mentioned in the various comments, I’m d’ agreement with those who say that the photos are totally out of place.

And I think they are not wrong because I think that the nude is vulgar, but because the soubrette was chosen mainly as a designer, as well as a testimonial.

melissa satta bata

The collection was designed by her, together with the Bata designers, at least this is the official version: often in these collaborations the stars only put the signature, but since this capsule is called ” Melissa Satta x Bata “, it is reasonable to think that there really worked, as did Cristina Chiabotto for Shoes & Shoes.

So what’s the point of exposing the shoe designer, making her pose as if she were taking pictures for an ordinary calendar? Have you ever seen Sophia Webster posing naked with her creations on her feet? Here, I mean this.

Was it really necessary to devalue the work (whether or not it was not my problem, I adhere to what is said) of Melissa Satta making her look like the usual nude model in high heels? Bizarre choice, given that the collection is aimed at a female audience, the same women who in these days are commenting with resentment shots of the collection.

And it’s a shame, because to talk about Melissa Satta naked we are not talking about the shoe collection, which is very pretty; the style of the models added for the holidays is more casual than those presented months ago, despite being low cost models have a graceful design.

So now let’s talk about them, since this is a shoe blog I want to try to do what Bata did not do, I want to enhance the work of Melissa Satta and those who supported her in the creation of this collection.

That would have been perfectly represented by a beautiful girl, aware of her charm, dressed with elegance and with a touch of glam to her feet: an opportunity wasted for Bata to do something different, less tied to the image of Melissa Satta naked sitting on a white sofa .

And if on YouTube there is a video titled “Melissa Satta For Bata, but shoes who looked at them?” Maybe someone should ask themselves some questions.

Melissa Satta For Bata: shoes and prices

The jewel applications have been included in the collection “for women who do not want to give up the style”, and between style and underwear choose the first one. This is the message I see in the photos, I do not want Melissa Satta, who is and remains a lovely person.

Among jewel decorations made up of maxi colored stones and multi-faceted beads that give light to every step, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Although I find the decollete in golden metallic leather, I must say that I prefer the colleague in red suede with ruffles: more unusual but still festive and feminine.

Interesting also the range of tight boots , seasonal trend: the iridescent model in shades of purple is really unusual and intriguing, I will do my best to go and try it in the store to understand how it is live, because the iridescent effect promises well.

The shoes from the Melissa Satta for Bata collection are available online and in the brand’s stores, in sizes 36 to 41.

Decollete jewel Euro 79.99:

decollete low cost jewel strass stones bata melissa satta


Red decollete, also available in black, Euro 69.99:

red shoes bata


Red ankle boots, also available in black, Euro 79.99:

low cost red high-heeled ankle boots comfortable


Ankle boots with beads, Euro 119:

ankle boots with beads


Ankle boots with stones Euro 99.99:

low cost rhinestone booties


Iridescent cuissardes boots, available in violet or bronze, Euro 89.99:


low cost tight boots


How do you think this capsule collection? And which side are you in the “Melissa Satta nude” scandal?

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