Outlet Louboutin, Zanotti, Casadei: How To Avoid Scams!

Are there any Louboutin , Casadei and Zanotti outlets or are they all scams ?! This is one of the most requested post of all time, I hope to be able to write all the useful information to avoid fueling the market of fake shoes.

louboutin outlet
Over the years I have dispensed advice to avoid buying non-original shoes on sites such as Ebay and Subito.it, I have often focused on Louboutin but this plague afflicts many brands; the most terrible thing for me was to find out that these fake shoes companies have started to send discounts and free products to bloggers and youtubers to advertise themselves using the most popular channels. I care about who reads me and I do not want you arrested, so I will play the part of the luxury brand’s champion, and I will do it because I know how terrible it is to be copied by those who can not invent something interesting.

Today my fight against counterfeiting will focus on those sites that sell themselves as Louboutin outlets authorized to sell designer shoes; the same speech also applies to   Giuseppe Zanotti, Casadei, and all the luxury brands etc etc; in 99% of cases they are dealers located in China that have no connection with the companies just mentioned and that almost certainly will not send you anything. Or you will get home a horrible shoe that recalls what you thought you had bought, in a new version crushed by a tir and chewed by a Tyrannosaurus.

The brands mentioned above do not have, to date, official online outlets, but there are many sites that sell models of collections passed at discounted prices. I’m preparing a guide that includes them all, for the moment I want to limit myself to list some useful points to understand if the site you found is reliable or not. I also refer you to this video , which complements the post.

How to avoid unauthorized Louboutin outlets:

1) The name . Often these sites have a name that recalls that of the official page, as nomebrand-it.com, and already this is an alarm bell to keep in mind. Usually the European version of an American e-shop (like Louboutin’s, for example) reports the eu writing at the beginning or end of the url, not in the middle separated by a hyphen. Even more often, the official website is unique for the whole world, but inside it is possible to select the language and therefore the country of origin; so be wary of overly complicated url, especially if they lead to sites that claim to be official outlets related to the company. If so, the link would be present on the official website of the single brand, in the list of authorized outlets.

2) The photos . In these fake websites, the photos are often the same as those found on the original sites; for the most inexperienced it might seem reassuring, but I assure you that official retailers rarely do it. It happens that they use the photos of the lookbook to present the collection, but the photos of the shoes in “still life” are often taken specifically for the site / outlet. Other fake sites, the more daring ones, match the official photos with those of the shoes that will then reach you at home, of the informal monsters that have nothing to do with the originals. Pay attention to the details of the photos, and if you have doubts, ask the customer service of the site itself for additional images; if you are honest you will find it in record time!

3) The texts . This point is linked to the previous one, because under each photo there is a description of the product. Usually fake sites copy the caption of the original e-shop, so to understand if it is a reliable store, the best thing to do is to go around the site. Open all the available tendons, from those related to customer service to those on payment methods and FAQs, as I told you before often the websites that sell fake shoes are based in China and use bizarre systems to translate texts; chances are you’ll find phrases like this: “Your satisfaction is what we strive for. We offer a global return policy for you. Before you want to return the goods, please first contact us to discuss the problem you are having. If there are irreparable defects with the goods, it is possible to go back to us for repair or replacement “. Very clear, no? Close the site and spend your money elsewhere.

4) Registered office . The honest sites write, usually down, all the legal information related to the company, because they are regular companies. So if you do not find any reference to a physical location, a VAT number / registration to the register of companies and so on, start to ask you some questions.

5) Prices . If the site promises balances of 70% it sells Louboutin or Casadei false shoes. And this also applies to other designers, because authorized dealers can not devalue their shoes by making such high discounts, which does not even happen in boutiques. Louboutin makes sales of 40%, Casadei reaches 50% on some models, and so on; the only case in which I saw some models discounted by 70% was defective shoes, properly marked, but they are rare exceptions, so be careful.

6) Payment systems . The safest means of payment online is PayPal, so I strongly advise against buying anything from any person / store that does not accept this system, especially if it is based abroad. PayPal is always on the side of the buyer, as a seller is something that I hate, but when I had my problems I was happy to have from my system ready to solve issues due to incorrect transactions. If you pay with a credit card nobody will worry about the non-delivery / delivery of your shoes, or the fact that they are awful plasticoni that have nothing to do with the originals. Then check the accepted payment methods in case of suspicious website, if PayPal is not present change to another.

7) Returns . In principle, an authorized outlet has no problem accepting a return; some do it for free, for others the shipment is at the expense of the buyer, but it is difficult for the site of a store to refuse to change the purchased product a priori. Many fake shoe sites instead do not accept returns; they will “come to meet you” in case of wrong sizes, but if the problem is with the conformity of the product you will no longer receive any response from the efficient customer service. Then check this information before proceeding with the purchase.

These seven points should help you to keep away scams and illegal purchases (because that’s what we’re talking about), I can not guarantee that their absence will guarantee 100% secure purchases, but I can assure you that if only two of these points are present you are in front of a retailer of fake designer shoes. The choice is to risk big!