Oscar 2016: The Most Beautiful Looks and Shoes Worn by the Stars on the Red Carpet

I did it, I’m doing it! A year ago I wrote that I would like to follow the direct Oscar and now I’m here, in the middle of the night, to write the post while on the red capet parade the stars: if I had to watch this show live I would probably die of a heart attack because I’m also thrilling while staying in your pajamas on the sofa, with a face mask to be smeared on the face and fresh nail polish on the nails!

But it’s time to talk about them, the stars and their looks on the red carpet of the 2016 Oscars ! This time I also gave the votes, I’m more productive at night.

Alicia Vikander has just arrived on the red carpet, wrapped in a delightful light yellow strapless dress by Louis Vuitton, with jeweled appliqués and a wide skirt that seems to be a tribute to her past as a dancer. At the feet, a pair of metallic leather sandals with wide band, chunky Plexiglas heel and ankle strap, signed Louis Vuitton: promoted despite not being a fan of the half-bun , the most fashionable hairstyle at the moment, which is more or less what I do when I have to wash my face! A further point in his favor is the choice not to parade with his fiance, Michael Fassbender. 8/10

Oscar 2016

From a romantic look to the sensuality of Latina Vergara, wrapped in a marvelous blue night dress by Marchesa that seems to have been sewn on her body: it will not be the height of elegance, but it is so beautiful that I can not fail it! 7/10

red-carpet-sofia-vergara oscar 2016

Even Brie Larson chose blue, but in his case the tone is bright and vibrant, as well as one of my favorites: his electric blue Gucci look in the picture looks boring and obvious but I assure you that seeing it on the red carpet was exciting ! I liked it a lot, for me it is absolutely promoted. 8/10

Brie-Larson-oscar 2016

I’m very disappointed by the look raised by Daisy Ridley: the jewel dress on the red carpet of the Oscars is almost a must have, but this model of Chanel with ruche at the waist does not give it at all, and diminish that beauty is not easy! Graceful Christian Louboutin’s Gardnera jewel sandals, but the ankle strap with a dress of that length should be illegal. I’m sure that will change different looks during this long night, I hope to change my mind later. 5/10

red-carpet-daisy-ridley oscar 2016

Shiny dress also for Saoirse Ronan, a modern siren: her green sequin dress is signed Calvin Klein, the simple shape and the wraparound line is perfect for her long-limbed body. It ‘s certainly promoted even if I do not share the enthusiasm of my American colleagues who are going crazy for this look: the color is fantastic but for the Oscars I expect more! 7/10


Rhinestones and sequins have also illuminated the mermaid dress chosen by Naomi Watts and signed Armani Privé: the make-up is impeccable, she is impeccable. Perfect with this “old Hollywood” look, for me it deserves a 9/10.

Naomi-Watts-oscar 2016

And then comes Olivia Wilde and the world stops: to say that it is beautiful to say little, has a beautiful face framed by a hairstyle composed of a game of braids really refined and a precious brilliant necklace. The pleated ivory dress with a plunging neckline that also uncovers the back by Valentino does nothing but emphasize its beauty, I would have worn more but it is undeniable that it is perfect for her, sensual and elegant at the right point! 8/10

Oscar 2016 red-carpet-Olivia-Wilde-jason-sudeikis

How to comment Heidi Klum dressed as the queen of unicorns? The German model is always very flashy but this time I found it really excessive, the maxi flowers pinned on the dress in the shade of lilac weigh too much, as well as the transparent sleeve: personally I would have eliminated these details by focusing on a more classic one-shoulder dress in style Jennifer Lopez. Bocciata and in contention for the Oscar of the worst dressed! 2/10


I did not even like Rooney Mara: the make-up is special and emphasizes her candid complexion, but I can not say the same of Givenchy’s dress, really too light. I always like lace on these occasions, but for once I wanted to see Rooney with something colorful and young, in these garments I did not seem at ease. The minimal sandals are the Nudist by Stuart Weitzman, in the version with plateau. 6/10


Jennifer Jason Leigh instead wore the rose quartz , her strapless dress with floral applications is undoubtedly elegant but I thought it was a foregone choice, I understand the not wanting to risk but the Oscars! The actress in the red carpet interviews has appeared a bit ‘on revs, of course, the first rumors have already started on the present abuse of substances and alcohol, but here we talk about clothes that is better! 6/10


Rose quartz also for Emily Blunt, another that I like a lot but that tonight just did not convince me. Promoted, but the merit goes to the tummy. The dress is from Prada. 6/10

emily-blunt-oscar 2016

This year, Julianne Moore chose the sobriety of Chanel’s black; the dress is very elegant, she is always beautiful, nothing to say. 8/10


And then a few minutes from 2 am she appears, the divine Cate Blanchett, with a #petalous dress by Armani Privé that seems stolen from the wardrobe of a fairytale princess: amazing! Here’s what I mean when I say to dare, the Oscar red carpet is also this, the realization of a dream so why not play? 9/10.

Cate-Blanchett-oscar 2016

Instead, it focuses on absolute simplicity combined with a classic Angelina style slit the beautiful Rachel McAdams: I love it, but we’re not really there! The color of August Getty Atelier’s dress is unusual, even the golden sandals are beautiful, but for me this look does not deserve more than 5/10.

Rachel McAdams--730

It is always said that wearing red on the red carpet is a risk, but let’s say if your name is Charlize Theron you can afford to dare as much as you want. This woman is not human, there is little to do. The dress is by Valentino, but without her it would be nothing. The Divine for me is from 10/10.

Charlize-Theron Oscar 2016

The disappointment that I do not think I can overcome is Kate Winslet: I hoped to have seen badly, really. After years of perfect clothes I fell right on the Oscar night, with this shiny and boring dress made by Ralph Lauren. For me it is NC / 10. I’m bad but I waited for hours, now I trust Jennifer Lawrence!


Lady Gaga is sober and refined, who would have thought it? Brandon Maxwell’s bright dress is signed, undoubtedly good as well as the make-up and the vintage hairstyle. 7/10

lady gaga oscar 2016

Miss Jennifer Lawrence waited, but I would say it was worth it! After the romantic dress worn last year for the Oscars in 2016 he opted for sensuality. I found it beautiful in this dress by Christian Dior with lace corset effect I see and I do not see and flounced skirt: she too as Cate Blanchett has been able to dare, adorable. 9/10

jennifer lawrence oscar 2016

And that’s all for now! It’s three in the morning and I’m ready to enjoy the awards with the universal flood in the background. To conclude I only say #TeamMorricone !