Shoe Decluttering: Useful Tips and The Video of My Decluttering

Finally a few days ago I found the time for the decluttering shoe rack : to be honest I also dedicated to that of the wardrobe, because from the move onwards I had limited myself to create ever taller stacks of clothes, in an unsurpassable chaos and also quite inconvenient to manage.

I took advantage of a Saturday of almost relaxation to completely empty the shoe rack and to decide which shoes to keep and which to remove; I have other spaces in the house where I organize shoes, and many are still in Rome, but later thanks to this morning of decluttering I created a new organization system suited to my needs.

Shoe Decluttering: how I organized the spaces

In the open shoe cabinet I decided to exhibit only high-heeled shoes because they need more space and are aesthetically more beautiful to look at. In the lower shelves I placed the closed decollete that I now use less, and then to climb open toe and sandals.

For sneakers, dancers and flat sandals I have selected different systems of organization: some boxes of Ikea blue Tiffany, and a product to put under the bed of Dmail really practical to take advantage of an otherwise forgotten area.

Optimizing spaces is always the best way to take advantage of every corner of the house, and I must say that this system is also very easy to manage and keep in order.

I promised to fix every shoe that goes into the house without waiting, with the only exception given by the models that I have to photograph for the blog: those have their own space apart from my office (which I occasionally show on Instagram), but later having taken immediately I put back the shoes that remain with me and send back / return the ones that have been lent to me.

Shoe Decluttering: part of my shoe collection

But now let’s go to the point: shoes.

Here they are in order, starting from the left. I have linked the presentation articles of the models that have appeared in the blog, so if you want to know more about where to go.

shoe decluttering

René Caovilla; Le Walterine ; Cinti ; Jimmy Choo x H & M.

Le Walterine ; Flavio Castellani ; Mario Bologna ; Sophia Webster ; Dolce & Gabbana.

The Stars ; Alessandro Oteri ; N21; It’s Pommy ; René Caovilla.

Christian Louboutin ; Christian Louboutin ;   Christian Louboutin ; Christian Louboutin; Aurora .

Jimmy Choo; Dolce & Gabbana; Cesare Paciotti ; Casadei; Casadei.

Asos ; The Stars ; Stuart Weitzman; Fera Libens ; Casadei.

shoes collection

Zara; Gianluca Peverada ; Francesco Sacco; Aldo .

Casadei; Cinti; Le Walterine ; Vince Camuto , Manolo Blahnik.

Miu Miu; Casadei; Amato Daniele ; ; Sergio Rossi; Sergio Rossi.

Shoe decluttering: useful tips

Being able to survive this experience taught me a lot of things. Maybe you know how to make the job lighter!

  • Completely empty any shoe, box or trunk in which you keep your shoes; clean the shelves well with a suitable product, from top to bottom.
  • Select with clear thinking what you want to keep and what can be deleted. In the video I show you how I chose, and what I decided to take out.
  • You may have noticed two oddities: the Manolo Blahnik sandals are hidden in the dustbag behind those of Vince Camuto, and the Louboutin decollete have both the point facing the bottom of the shoe rack: not a coincidence, but a deliberate choice, useful to protect the white paint, which turns yellow with the sun. And there is no remedy, so be careful!
  • Create your own organization system, which is beautiful to look at but also practical for your needs.
  • Get ready to change your mind a thousand times on the arrangement of shoes, it’s part of the game.
  • Take 3 ice cubes out of the freezer, use them to cool a glass for a few minutes, then throw them away and replace them with a nice glass of fresh prosecco, you deserve it!