Shoes In a Suitcase: How To Put Them And Which Ones To Wear

Knowing how to fit your shoes in your suitcase is essential to maximize the space, but above all to create it in case of crazy shopping on holiday.

When I leave for a destination where I know that the possibility of a new purchase is high, I organize myself before leaving, but what happens when the fall in love comes as a surprise? Let’s see together how to put the shoes in the suitcase, the new purchases but also those that we carry with us already on the way.

Not sure which ones to choose? No problem!

First of all, think about the essentials, then prepare the ones you really need, then the COMODI models. I know!

After selecting the useful shoes choose at least a pair of crazy sandals: maybe those that you never wear because “there is not the right opportunity”, or those high heels that you need an assistant just to stand up.

It seems crazy but it’s something that I always do, and so far I never confessed it in the blog.

When I was in New York the last time I packed a couple of very high decollete in my suitcase, to pay homage to the city and to feel myself even on the road. I only wore them for a dinner because I travel from morning to night, but it went very well.

In Malaysia instead I brought the sandals heel 14 of Giambattista Valli for an evening already planned, and the open toe Louboutin , totally useless as the travel program was quite clear: walk as much as possible to see as much as possible, despite the infernal heat and 90% humidity.

The premises are not the best, but I wore Louboutin shoes in Singapore, in the wonderful Gardens by the Bay: I felt special in a place so perfect as to seem unreal, I felt myself.

shoes in a suitcase

And this is not what matters?

I often travel by plane, and when I have to choose which shoes to embed in the hold I always think about their value: not at the price, not at what I love them … but at what market has that brand in the second hand world. If he is tall … I do not put my shoes in my suitcase, but I take them with me in my hand baggage.

How much madness in a single article.

But unfortunately it happens, the suitcases are opened, bags and designer shoes disappear and I do not want to risk ruining the trip, so yes, I traveled for more than 14 hours with the nearby Louboutin.

Ah, I do the same thing on the train if I have the big suitcase: she is placed in the appropriate compartments, but the shoes travel with me, because at least if they steal the luggage I do not remain barefoot.

How much paranoia in a single article.

How to fix the shoes in a suitcase

If you decide to put the shoes in a suitcase, wrap them separately in the fabric dustbag and place them on the bottom of the suitcase and near the edges, before filling it with clothes, beauty cases and anything else. Avoid plastic bags because in addition to being ugly in the heat can stick to the precious shoes, sacrilege!

Make sure they are comfortable and fill the spaces between heels and soles with socks and other small and soft garments. The cotton pads (or make-up wipes) are perfect for the role of “pads”.

Shopping on vacation? Unfortunately the bad news is that in 90% of the cases you will have to throw the box, and arrange the shoes along with all the others in the suitcase, especially in case of short trips in which you have with you only the hand baggage.

But how much can a box be worth if you have conquered a new treasure?

If you do not have a dustbag for your new purchase and you need to keep it separate from the rest of your clothes get one of those horrible transparent shower caps that you give in hotels and use it as a dustbag: it’s not the best because it’s plastic, but it remains open so do not risk sticking to the varnish of your new sandals.

outfit louboutin singapore

It seems stupid but it works, sometimes I happened to use it to keep aside all the various charger cables that I had scattered in your suitcase, you can use it to protect the camera in case of sudden rain and you can wear them as rainboots in case of flood In essence, the only thing you absolutely must always pack is a shower cap. Or two!