Spring Ballerina flats 2018 Le Walterine: Made in Italy low cost!

Spring 2018 ballerinas : what are the trendy must-have models? The answer is easy, all!

The dancers are the shoes of the moment, the perfect allies to enjoy the change of season in comfort, starting to discover a little ‘skin: the trends for spring seem to please the tastes and needs of all women, as well as the brand Le Walterine, which every year proposes many Made in Italy ballerinas with different shapes.

In these photos taken in New York I present the model Dancing, in a version that seems to be worn in America: the denim upper is in fact decorated with a fantasy stars and stripes, I could not take them with me on the road?

Now that I’m back I consider them a souvenir, I’m often using them with simple jeans and a t-shirt paired with a biker jacket.

spring outfit

The 200 Dancing dancers are made of leather, suede or patent leather, the color variations are almost endless and are really comfortable and soft; as you may have noticed, they have a shape that hugs the foot well, a detail that is fundamental to me when I have to choose a pair of low-profile shoes.

I do not like models that are too opaque, but I find that those that are too low have little fit for my foot, so this middle way seemed perfect, and after wearing it for a few hours I had the confirmation that I had chosen the most suitable proposal.

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Spring 2018 dancers: which ones to buy?

If you are looking for some ideas for your spring shopping look at all the selection of 2018 dancers signed Le Walterine, I put the link at the bottom of the post: it was for me to take them all, from the metallic ones to the colorful models like flat fuchsia and those turquoise aquamarine!

I point out that there are also some models of dancers with internal wedge ( 1860 model ): I tried them in the store and in addition to being soft as clouds are perfect for those who want to wear flat shoes all day without straining too much back and heels.

And what is even more fantastic is that the internal wedge is not seen, you only hear the shoe when I tried, I was rather skeptical, but they are really well done and comfortable, a pleasant discovery to keep in mind.

In the spring 2018 dancers collection you can also find different flat toe, more dressy and suitable for more elegant outfits: I find delicious all the models with the strap on the instep, a detail that in addition to being practical adds a feminine touch to a rather versatile basic shoe.

And then there are the lacing dancers , those of Orsay, the models with accentuated neckline and strap that frames the attachment of the fingers, the slingback in satin, every page of the site is full of temptations!

If you love the dancers as much as I love them, you will go crazy among the Le Walterine proposals, the value for money is really exceptional and the shoes are Made in Italy.

dancers walterine walter shoes

Spring 2018 ballerinas: 3 must-have models

If you do not know what to choose I’ll help you, with great effort I made a small selection of the most versatile models for spring, to wear immediately instead of sneakers and ankle boots, which can finally hibernate for a few months.

  1. Ballerinas in rose gold metallic leather: the chic version of nude is a shade that looks great on both the pale complexion and on already tanned skins, and goes well with everything. The laminated effect adds a fun touch to an everlasting shoe.
  2. Pointed ballerina with strap or laces: they are more refined than the basic models, try them and you will not leave them anymore, not even in the evening. It happened to me, and that says a lot!
  3. Colored suede ballerinas: I vote for aquamarine, but lemon yellow or fuxia is fine too. A colorful dancer awakens every outfit and makes you feel special even if you’re simply queuing up on Saturday mornings, before running out to shop and a thousand other commissions! Wear it with trousers or jeans rolled up at the ankle and the figure will immediately be more slender and chic.

outfit dancers

What I wear: Stradivarius top, OVS jeans, Purificacion Garcia bag, Le Walterine ballerinas .

Location: Brooklyn Bridge, New York.

It was too much to believe it true; so complicated, immense, unfathomable. And so beautiful, seen from a distance: canyons of shadow and light, sunstrokes on the crystal facades, and the pink twilight crowning the skyscrapers like backgroundless shadows draped over powerful abysses.