Summer Sandals 2018: The Coolest Trends and Models

Summer low sandals 2018 : which models are in fashion?

The choice is wide and really rich, finally after years of minimal flip flops a bit ‘trivial designers have begun to play with straps and straps, returning to make interesting even the models of flat sandals without heels .

In the summer of 2018 the low sandals stop being minimal shoes, and return to being shoes able to decorate the foot with metallic leathers and flashes of colors, straps and laces: no to boredom, not even at heel 0!

Flip-flop models continue to be present, especially in the jewel version, but as regards the more casual lines, go-ahead with colored and soft straps and straps on the skin, to match the glaze and accessories such as anklets and light touches of illuminant to emphasize the tanning of the legs.

walterine walter shoes

What I think is the sandal of the summer par excellence, the proposal that is impossible to give up, is the model that I show you worn in these photos outfit: leather sole almost completely flat, closed heel and ankle strap made of soft suede caramel brown and thin but not too much front band, two-colored and fun.

low sandals


These sandals are very comfortable, I have already started to use them for several weeks and despite the great heat I have not had the slightest problem: the only difficulty was to choose between the version with pink and white striped fabric band and this, blue it is white.

In the end I opted for the blue, since it is a color that I wear often in summer, combined with white but also other more vivid shades, like yellow.

summer sandals 2018


Summer Sandals 2018: Chic Outfits Without Heels

In these shots I chose to wear sandals with a very romantic white maxi dress, but the look options are endless, both with female outfits like this one, or with casual combinations made up of shorts and short dresses.

bonprix dress

Summer sandals 2018: the trendy models Le Walterine

In summer I use very low sandals, with the heat to endure the heels becomes a business, but these models have a holiday allure that puts in a good mood and makes the date of departure for the sea seem closer.

In the store I was also tempted by a model similar to the one I finally chose, and by other very glamorous proposals, so I thought of adding to my post a selection of the trendiest low sandals for summer 2018 , all signed by Le Walterine .

I present them starting from the left:

If you do not like models that are too bare (like me!), You will appreciate the low slingback sandal with a two-tone braided upper; I chose to show you the leather and fuchsia version because it is my favorite, but the 1820 sandal is also available in leather and electric blue, white and total black.

The 1831 sandal resembles the model I wore in this post, and is available in a multitude of different versions, from those in laminated leather to those in soft suede. A sandal like that is a woman’s best friend with a suitcase!

Before moving on to a flip-flop model, I want to show you a hybrid sandal, the 1826 , with a T-strap on the instep that stops between the fingers, and a thin band that wears the foot: the laminated gold version is perfect for summer !

As a last proposal, a flip-flop with slightly higher para in contrasting white rubber, light and glam, the 17502 model, available in different colors.

Summer low sandals 2018, what is your favorite model?

The value for money of the Le Walterine brand is excellent, I continue to collaborate with the Walter Calzature store because the shoes are well made, comfortable and durable; I also take them often on the road, they are the classic “shoes of trust” that support you in times of need.

If you want to shop and are afraid of overdoing know that Friday, June 29 will begin pre-sales both in the Walter Calzature stores in Milan, and in the online shop: to get this information in advance subscribe to the newsletter, but not before choosing your sandals for summer 2018 on the site!