The shoes worn in Sanremo: all the models chosen by the stars

Sanremo shoes!

I was not going to write this post, but then I remembered how funny it is to chat with you about the looks of the stars and I changed my mind! The sixty sixth edition of the Sanremo Festival has just ended (with the triumph of the Stadio, I’m very happy!) And this year I have followed almost all the episodes, the music presented is not my favorite genre but I found several interesting moments in one kermesse which turned out to be refreshed and almost pleasant. Almost, because it is still the Festival, expect to have fun all the time, discovering fantastic artists who sing original songs not dedicated to love is a bit like entering from Deichman with the conviction of finding shoes Made in Italy: it will not happen, point.

I really appreciated Virginia Raffaele and her imitations, all of them, she’s really talented and rarely exaggerates, not a little detail; I got excited with Ezio Bosso and his words, even before losing myself in his music, and I discovered that Laura Pausini is not only good, because I already knew that, but also humble and very sweet: how many other artists at that level can say the same? For me, Sanremo 2016 has earned an 8/10, but now let’s go to the point, it’s time to evaluate together the shoes worn by the singers on the stage of the Ariston!

The shoes worn in Sanremo: the photos

Let’s start with Virginia Raffaele / Sabrina Ferilli: the much criticized flesh-colored dress with jewel applications is by the designer Uel Camilo, the jewel sandals are instead of Loriblu; impossible to reject the look because it is really well suited to the imitation of the actress but it is a combination very far from my style, strange to say but I do not even like shoes, I find them very modern.

For the imitation of Belen instead chose to wear a mini dress by Mario Dice, very similar to an outfit worn previously by Emma Marrone and created by the same designer: casualness or feminine astuteness, given the past of the Argentinian showgirl and the Apulian singer ? At the feet of Virginia, a pair of beautiful Cerasella Milano sandals: the girl will make her way, I warned you!

Even Noemi chose Cerasella Milano shoes, unfortunately they were always hidden by clothes or wide pants, but I have at least a couple of pictures to show you, taken before the performances and shared on her Instagram profile:

noemi sanremo shoes 2016

We continue to talk about jewel sandals also in reference to the outfits of Madalina Ghenea, a particular beauty that has worn evening dresses of different designers, always matched with the models of René Caovilla from the Spring / Summer 2016 collection: if it seemed to recognize something it is because we talked about it here recently .


ankle boots jewel



Shoes also for the super host Laura Pausini, who matched her black décolleté with plateau of Gedebé to a black and pink dress by Stefano De Lellis: the dress was criticized (as always), but I liked it, even more of the other red fire that the singer did not wear because of the spoiler of “Il Fatto Quotidiano”, which revealed the presumed choice ahead of time. Laura would then have changed outfits at the last moment, opting for this very long model with split and embroidery jewel: for me it is promoted, I told you that with this hosted I won!


Still glitter for another guest that I really enjoyed, Anna Foglietta, who lit up her black dress with a pair of popped décolleté from Le Silla’s Spring / Summer 2016 collection:


shoes anna leavesetta sanremo

Another that has been criticized for her outfits as an educanda is Francesca Michielin, I must say that I do not agree even this time: dressed as Au Jour Le Jour appeared fresh and bright, her looks reflect her style and her his young age and it does not matter if I would never put them, if I had to judge the outfits of others according to my personal taste I would not like practically anything of what you see on these occasions! At her feet Francesca wore minimal sandals by Vic Matié with a chrome stiletto, sometimes paired with short socks: I repeat, I would not even put them under torture, but they look good with her character, they represent her and this is more than enough for me.

Photo LaPresse / Matteo Rasero / Federico Guberti 10-02-2016 Sanremo, IM Entertainment 66th Italian Song Festival, Second evening in the photo: Francesca Michelin Photo LaPresse / Matteo Rasero / Federico Guberti 02-10-2016 Sanremo, IM Entertainment 66th Festival of italian song, Second Evening In the photo: Francesca Michelin


Even Dolcenera has focused on the metalized leather, combining a pair of golden Loriblu sandals with black elastic bands and a long white Genny dress: it has an exceptional charisma and a beautiful voice but this outfit does not convince me, I would have preferred a shoe that recalled in some the way the dress, the blacks instead are too intrusive for my taste.



Instead, I really liked Annalisa, wrapped in the clothes of Mario Dice: elegant, sensual, refined but above all natural. Even in this case someone has criticized his physical form, so much so that there was talk of a hidden pregnancy, then denied by the singer, which in my opinion is an unusual beauty and therefore even more fascinating. For all his outings during the Festival he wore Luciano Padovan’s shoes:


What about Patty Pravo? On the Piper girl I heard everything, so I would like to inform you that the shoes worn on the stage of the Ariston were created for her by Rizieri : it is ankle boots with medium heel and round toe, matched with Gianluca Saitto’s dresses.

the-look-of-patty-pravo sanremo 2016


The décolleté worn by Cristina D’Avena , guest of the Sanremo final, are also by Rizieri; for her Riccardo has designed two similar models, these are pumps with t bar and Swarovski crystals, one in gold and the other in black.

Italian singer Cristina D'Avena (C) performs on stage during the Sanremo Italian Song Festival at the Ariston theater in Sanremo, Italy, 13 February 2016. The 66th Italian Song Festival runs from 09 to 13 February. ANSA / CLAUDIO HONORED

For the record I inform you that the shoes of Carlo Conti were by Salvatore Ferragamo, those of Gabriel Garko di Moreschi.

This Festival saw the triumph of Made in Italy, but now I want to know your opinion on shoes and songs!

Before going to sleep, since it is two o’clock in the morning, I want to share with you the three questions that have tormented me for hours:

  1. How much do Noemi’s false eyelashes weigh? He could not keep his eyes open tonight!
  2. Why do singers persist in not combining the shades of red with enamel and lipstick ?!
  3. Who forced Madalina to wear those heavy necklaces, exaggerated given the decorations of Zuhair Murad’s clothes?