Vegan Shoes: Just Fashion, Or A Commitment To The Future Of The Environment?

What are vegan shoes ?

Are vegan shoes plastic and cardboard shoes sold at crazy prices?

And yet, vegan shoes are of medium-low quality, regardless of the materials used?

These are some of the questions I received a few days ago, after sharing my post on the vegan decollete that you also see here; if you lost that article do not worry, you will find the link at the end of this so you can read it calmly without skipping back and forth.

I want to be completely honest, more than questions I received lapidary sentences that left me perplexed, but they also made me realize that there are many prejudices on the theme “vegan world”, and the lack of information is a constant.

Instead of banning and erasing the comments I decided to take the positive and address the topic in a separate article, written for those who want to understand and learn, because the world we live in is full of nuances and have granitic beliefs based on unfounded clichés is not good for anyone.

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What Are Vegan Shoes

Meanwhile, let’s start from the basics: what are vegan shoes?

They are shoes made with materials of non-animal origin. So no leather, leather, wool or silk, but there’s more, because you have to pay attention to glues and dyes, which must always be cruelty free; no material used to create the shoe must come from an animal, it seems easy but I assure you that it is not at all, also because the labels that state the composition refer to 80% of the materials used, not their totality.

This is why there are specific certifications for vegan shoes, which are declared as such only if 100% cruelty free.

Are Zara’s Chinese shoes and shoes so vegan? The answer is no, indeed, maybe not. Some may be, some not, but not being certified it is impossible to give a precise opinion.

The fact that these low cost shoes are often made of faux leather, and that the vegan shoes are made of materials that resemble the skin, leads to a wrong mental association: the cruelty free shoes are made of plastic and cardboard, and are sold to high prices to fool vegan consumers.

Never association on the vegan world was more wrong: just stop to read the composition of vegan shoes to understand that there are many innovative materials, born after years of specific research, which in addition to being aesthetically pleasing are also comfortable for the foot.

The vegan consumer, moreover, is not a naive buyer who buys at random products that silence his sense of guilt and his curiosity, but is often a very attentive and informed person, used to asking, to question himself to really understand what he has before him.

The latest assumption to be disrupted is that the world of vegan shoes is a closed niche, dedicated to those who have chosen a vegan lifestyle: this is partly true, because initially the specialized brands were only addressed to vegans, but things are changing, and even communication has become more inclusive and open.

You do not need to be vegan to justify the purchase of a vegan shoe, as you do not need to put your food choices in public to propose an alternative to the customary one we have been used to.

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Are Vegan Shoes All Eco-friendly?

No, not all vegan shoes are also eco-friendly and “environmentally friendly”, but many are. This means that companies specializing in this sector do not choose to protect animals and then pollute rivers and oceans with dyes and plastic materials, but work to make all production as clean as possible.

It’s easy? No, it’s not even cheap, but it’s a choice that can not and should not be ignored, because producing leather shoes has an impact on the environment in which we live, and where our children will live, and it’s important to be aware of what is happening around us, since we are responsible for it.

Unfortunately, at this moment it is impossible to create something without also generating a negative impact on the environment, but it is precisely for this reason that we must support and encourage those who try to find a solution, with all the limits that the current world imposes on us.

Knowing, asking and knowing, in order to make conscious choices, must be a duty of all of us, but it is important to do it without demonizing anyone, but above all without giving false information based on clichés so old that they are obsolete.

Quality cruelty free vegan shoes are today a reality, and there are many brands that are starting to approach this new way of doing fashion: I’m happy to have presented you several alternatives , and I will continue to do so until the brand values ​​are in line with my parents.

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Where there is difference there is growth, where there is inclusiveness there is the future.