A professional Insurance and Bonding Agent is not the person who only deals with selling policies, but the person who performs a meticulous and faithful compliance of the advice that implies offering a product of this type. The professionalization of an Insurance and Surety Agent involves creativity, assertive attitude, knowledge of the environment and flexibility, in order to offer customers the products that best meet their protection needs.

The Insurance and Surety Agent is a person committed to the client

Insurance and Surety Agent

Always focused on finding solutions through the different products and services offered by each of the companies that exist in the market, in order to offer the best adapt to meet the needs of each person, family or company.

95% of the bonds are sold through brokers and agents, so the professionalism of them is vital to successfully place a bond policy.

The bonding sector has existed for more than 120 years, during which it was always governed by the same law; however, the entry into force of the new Law on Insurance and Surety Institutions promises positive changes to the sector, mainly due to the entry into the Surety Bond market , a product that will coexist in harmony with the Sureties as another way of guaranteeing the obligations established in a contract, but which, unlike Bonds, will not require a solidary obligation, although the contract price It will be higher.

Our country occupies a very important place in the sale of bonds worldwide, because it is located in third place, only after the United States and Italy. Mexico stands out for having an efficient customer service, solvency in the companies and payment of claims.

Ideal profile of the Insurance and Surety agent

Surety agent

The bonding market has a very important growth potential, because any obligation that complies with the requirements of the law is susceptible to be guaranteed. By means of a Guarantee , both the beneficiaries and the beneficiaries are provided with the best conditions in guarantee schemes, as well as motivating the fulfillment of the contracts and favoring the solution of possible conflicts, always respecting the rights of both parties.

Barrón , is an accredited firm ofInsurance Brokers and Surety, leader in the Mexican market and with more than 40 years of experience. We maintain alliances with more than 25 companies in order to offer our clients the best products and services.