A Fidelity Bond, has as main objective, to guarantee a company the repair of the patrimonial damage by illicit facts, caused by one or more employees of the organization and whose responsibility is duly proven.

Through a Loyalty Guarantee, the Employer or Beneficiary is guaranteed the responsibilities derived from the patrimonial crimes committed by employees, workers, service providers, sellers and / or commission agents, who by their own account or in coexistence with other persons whether or not the beneficiary commits any crime in assets that are owned by the company or in assets that have been entrusted to them.

What illicit risks does a Fidelity Bond cover?

What illicit risks does a Fidelity Bond cover ?

Theft: Taking over an alien property, without the right or consent of the owner thereof. (Art. 367 of the CP of the CDMX).

Abuse of Confidence: Arranging for oneself or for another, of any other thing, from which the possession has been transmitted and not the domain, to the detriment of someone. (Art. 382 of the CD of the CDMX).

Fraud: Unlawfully doing something or reaching an improper profit, deceiving someone or taking advantage of the error in which they find themselves. (Art. 386 of the CP of the CDMX).

Embezzlement: Distracting from its objective for its own or other people’s uses, money, or any belonging of the State, decentralized or private body, on the part of its employees, officials or managers. (Art. 223 of the CD of the CDMX).

The Fidelity Bond is accessory to a work contract, so there must be an employment relationship for it to proceed, in addition to the employee must have obtained a benefit of the wrongful act committed.

Loyalty Guarantee

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